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Reflexes, Concord’s literary art magazine, is published each spring. Funded by the Student Government Association, the magazine serves as an outlet for students interested in writing and art. Open Mic sessions are also held.

Reflexes was originally founded as a literary magazine at Concord University for students to share their literary talents with others. Due to money issues and other problems, Reflexes had to be shut down. However, in the Fall of 2014, some students decided that Concord University is still filled with creative minds that need an outlet for their thoughts and designs.  

Reflexes is no longer a magazine for literature alone. Reflexes is now a magazine for the arts - all of the arts.  We believe in showcasing all art - not just conventional art.   This means that Reflexes is an extremely diverse magazine, accepting submissions from all artistic genres. Any work that appears on the Reflexes website will be screened through a submission process in which a team of dedicated Concord Students will review the work for possible publication on the site. To learn more information about this process, visit the How to Submit below.

This Reflexes is still a new project, and because of that we are still learning.  If you have any suggestions, or would like to know more about helping the magazine grow, please feel free to contact us!

How to Submit

Interested in Seeing Your Work Here?

Submission Guidelines

To maintain the quality of the publication, the staff of Reflexes retains the right to refuse any submission.

Who can submit to Reflexes?

  • Concord University Students
  • Concord University Faculty
  • Concord University Staff
  • Anyone within the commuting distance of Concord University, regardless of relationship to the university.

Types of works accepted:

  • Poetry
  • Musical works
  • Fiction and Non-fiction short stories
  • Visual Media
  • Fan-Fiction

If uncertain whether a type of work will be accepted or not, please contact us to ask.

What to include in your submission:

  • Name (optional, may submit anonymously)
  • Title of work (if applicable)
  • Short description of work
  • Dedication (optional)
  • Would you like the work to be included in sections? (only if it is a longer work)
  • Year/Major
  • About the creator

What cannot be in your submission?

  • Nothing that intentionally humiliates, harms, belittles or defames the character of a particular group or individual.
  • Explicit images, text, or lyrics with no purpose other than to be overtly sexual.

When can you submit to Reflexes?

  • For each submission date, submissions must be sent to Reflexes staff by no later than 6:00 p.m. Submissions are due on February 18 to be published on February 26, March 18 to be published on March 26, and April 22 to be published on April 30.
  • If you submit after the submission date, your work will be held until the next submission deadline.
  • All work submitted will be run through a plagiarism checker before going any further in the submission process.  If a work is found to be plagiarized, the work will be reported to the University for Academic Dishonesty and could result in disciplinary consequences at the university level. Submission of plagiarized work may also result in a ban on submitting to Reflexes.
  • All written work needs to either be typed (preferred) or legibly written if a hard copy is being submitted. 
  • Any material that shows students, faculty, or staff in a compromising manner will be reported to the authorities.

What Happens to Submissions From There?

  1. Submissions will be collected by the (co)editor(s) who will remove any identifying information if possible.
  2. Members will blind review works individually and then discuss as a group. 
  3. Things that will be taken into consideration:
  4. Submissions will be put to a vote, needing 2/3 majority to be accepted.  If there is a tie, the faculty advisor will be the tiebreaker.
  5. Works accepted will be returned to their creator with any recommended editorial changes.
  6. Once revised, the work will be held for the next publication. 

Submit work here:

Who can I contact?

Dr. Delilah O'Haynes
Professor of English

If you are a member of the Concord University community and are interested in getting involved with Reflexes, please contact the student editors at, or our faculty advisor, Dr. Delilah O'Haynes. We are happy to accept new members and always welcome new ideas.


Current Edition

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