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Mass Communication

Why study Mass communication at Concord?

Do you enjoy creating videos or making a difference on social media?  Do you enjoy listening and persuading others?  If so, explore a major in Multimedia Communication, Digital Communication or a minor in Theatre. Today’s fast-paced media environment and ever-changing technology means that communication is more important than ever. But while technology may change, the same principles of ethos, logos, and pathos still apply. When it comes to using that camera, iPhone, or media platform, the Department of Multimedia Communication is focused on giving you the HOW, the WHAT, and the WHY for best using these tools and adapting to the things life may throw at you.

The world changes, but communication skills last a lifetime. Come learn a practical skill that will make a difference!

Multimedia Communication


To be a member of the media requires flexibility in today's world. You have to be experienced in a variety of video, audio, and online formats. Our program in Multimedia Communication prepares you for many career paths as you create media content for TV, Radio, and Online in our newly renovated studio.


Careers in Multimedia Communication

  • TV—Producer, director, reporter, anchor, video editor, sales/advertising
  • Radio—DJ, Producer, director, reporter, audio editor, sales/advertising
  • Digital video/audio editor
  • Organizational media director
  • Social Media content creation
Click on the link on the right to listen to our LP radio station WVCU 97.7 FM where you can become one of the DJs or have your own radio show. You can also produce a news show or be a Television anchor for our television studio with Mountain Lion News. Or you can be a part of the Concordian, our student newspaper. Students gain experience in all these areas as well as non-linear editing so they emerge ready for any number of careers in the media. 

Find out more, by clicking on the course requirements, or send an email to We look foward to having you in our program!

Digital Communication


If you prefer to learn in an exclusively online platform, then sign up as a major in Digital Communication. Here you can learn how to be better at writing and creating content for the ever changing world of social media and marketing.

Never has the ability to communicate in digital formats been so important. This degree has the flexibility you need, with the skill set so many need in this digital age. You will learn applications for video and audio, communication skills in persuasion and interpersonal relationships, and graphic design and video skills to improve your web pages. Best of all, you fit the program around your schedule as all classes are online.

Find out more, by clicking on the course requirements, or send an email to We look foward to having you in our program!

Careers in Digital Communication

  • Digital Communications Analyst
  • Social Media Director
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • YouTube content creator
  • Media influencer
  • Public Relations



The Concord Theatre Program provides all students with a special opportunity to be a part of engaging stage productions that entertain the campus community. We put on productions every Fall and Spring that include talented actors from across the campus. Auditions are at the beginning of the semester so come try out! And if acting isn't your thing, you can also get involved behind the scenes by building sets, applying make-up, or working with the sound and lights. We believe that the best theatre experience is not only about the show, but about the networking and friendships made when the curtains fall. Between rehearsals, performances, and our theatre fraternity Alpha Psi Omega, our students spend great quality time together. We are excited to have you come and join our theatre family!

Click here to find out more about the minor in theatre or contact Karen Vuranch at to get involved.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes in Mass Communication are defined by and aligned to Concord’s Educational Goals and Objectives. Each program evaluates student knowledge that is both technical and theoretical about the communication field, communication skills (writing, speaking), and critical thinking skills that synthesize the skills and knowledge for use in a diverse world.

Educational Goals & Objectives:

  1.  Knowledge
    Goal—To synthesize and integrate communication theories and technology to apply to multimedia formats
    1. Objective 1.1—students will integrate knowledge and skills from coursework into multimedia and digital applications.
  2. Communication skills
    Goal— To demonstrate proficient communication skills in spoken, written, and technological formats
    1. Objective 2.1—students will demonstrate oral proficiency in communication by preparing speeches, presentations, reading exercises, and group projects.
    2. Objective 2.2—students will demonstrate written proficiency in communication by preparing papers, media scripts, portfolios, press releases and/or articles.
    3. Objective 2.3—students will able to use technology necessary for success in their career (e.g., graphic design software, editing software, broadcasting equipment)

  3. 3) Critical thinking skills in a diverse world
    Goal—To demonstrate a synthesis of the skills and knowledge in education goals 1 & 2 for use in analyzing global issues and practical use in a capstone course
    1. Objective 3.1—students will demonstrate sensitivity to diverse thinking and cultures in multimedia productions.
    2. Objective 3.2—students will synthesize their knowledge and skills obtained in the Communication Program through successful completion of a capstone project or internship.

Our Faculty & Staff

Bailey, William
William Bailey
Instructor of Media Studies
Vaught, Marites (Tess)
Marites (Tess) Vaught
Academic Program Associate
Vuranch, Karen
Karen Vuranch
Instructor of Communication Arts
Walker, Garrett
Garrett Walker
Instructor in Mass Communication
Williams, Cory
Cory Williams
Department Chair / Professor of Communication Arts

Program Requirements and Courses

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