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Why Journalism?

Journalism is a pillar of democracy. As a journalist, you will have the opportunity to truly represent the public. Journalism is the main opportunity for the public to hold the government and those in power accountable and is a fundamental protector to the right to free speech and assembly. Through this program, you will learn how to ethically represent the facts through unbiased, dynamic reporting. Particularly in Athens, WV and the surrounding area, there is ample opportunity to gain firsthand experience in real world application before graduation. In joining this program, you will equip yourself to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape and tap into your potential to make an impact on your community or abroad. 


Program Overview

The coursework in the journalism program at Concord University consistently adapts to the evolving demands of the media industry. Students will learn about using online platforms for reporting and distributing content. Through this course progression, students will explore Adobe Indesign techniques, the art of feature writing, the tenants of Associated Press (AP) style, the correct way to interview subjects, and the responsibilities of the editor and delivering story feedback.  

In your junior or senior year, you will work with the internship coordinator to find an internship placement in your field, or work closely with a faculty member to develop a capstone project or thesis. 



Career Outlook

Communication Researcher 
Mediation Specialist 
Event Planner/Manager 
SEO Manager 
Press Secretary 
News Anchor 
Media Account Executive 
Crisis Manager 
Television Producer 
Secondary/Higher Education Instructor 
Marketing Specialist 
Career Advisor 
Government Relations Officer 

Concordian -- The Student Newspaper

A newspaper by students and for students, The Concordian provides an opportunity for gaining practical application and experience in news writing, copyediting, newspaper design, website management, and social media management. Students enrolled in The Concordian workshop will contribute to a variety of sections including news, student life, arts and entertainment, opinion, and sports. Students will have a hand in creating and distributing the paper in both print and digital formats. Staff writers will learn how to conduct interviews, pitch stories, and find newsworthy angles of every idea. Working with realistic newsroom deadlines, pressures, and challenges, students will run a newsroom alongside a team of other writers and editors.