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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
We teach, practice, and promote the mathematical and computing sciences. Our programs prepare students for careers as software developers, actuaries, mathematicians, analysts, statisticians, systems administrators, underwriters, data scientists, project managers, and educators. Our general studies courses develop the abstract quantitative reasoning that is critical to sophisticated problem-solving.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides quality education, promotes the development of professionals in mathematical and computing fields, and addresses misconceptions and stereotypes related to the mastering of concepts in both disciplines.   We do this by mentoring students in our academic courses and programs, through a culture of scholarship, service, and outreach.   We value relationships that focus on the personal growth of students through individual attention and small class size. 
1)  Mentoring students to develop the ability to:
  • Use discipline skills to solve problems
  • Make decisions
    • Using facts and data
    • Using values and ethical standards
  • Self-Regulate
    • Manage time and prioritize tasks
    • Cope with stress
    • Self-assess and self-correct
  • Work with others
    • Within the departmental community
    • As part of a team
    • Take a leadership role
  • Communicate
    • In writing
    • In oral presentations
    • In small group settings
a)  Professional:  Provide opportunities for professional development, career exploration, and readiness.
b)  Academic:  Provide a progression of courses which encourages mastery of content needed for success in graduate school or industry.  This progression is based on recommendations of professional organizations.
c) Personal and Social:  Provide an atmosphere that encourages development of inter- and intra-personal skills through collaborative activities that promote effective interaction with others as well as opportunities for personal reflection.
2) Culture of Scholarship
a) Research:  Encourage and provide opportunities for small group and individual research.  Facilitate open discussion of ideas and research.
b) Pedagogy: Provide quality student-focused instruction, based on current best practices.
3)  Service and Outreach:  Promote the disciplines of mathematics and computer science through professional service and outreach to the local community and beyond.
a) Address misconceptions and stereotypes.


Our Faculty and Staff

Becker, Douglas
Douglas Becker
Bowe, Katherine
Katherine Bowe
Instructor of Mathematics
Bowe, Lonnie
Lonnie Bowe
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Darlington, Lisa
Lisa Darlington
Professor-Mathematics/Department Chair
Hallas, James
James Hallas
Assistant Professor of Math
Shahid, Abdur
Abdur Shahid
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(304) 384-5221
Usmanov, Shukhrat
Shukhrat Usmanov
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Zhang, Kevin
Kevin Zhang
Instructor in Mathematics

Lisa Darlington, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Contact: Email

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