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CU Comes to you!


Every semester Concord University travels the world to meet with students and participate in recruitment events. 

Date School Country
9/2/19 Yongsan International School South Korea
9/2/19 Gyeongi Suwon International School South Korea
9/2/19 Seoul Foreign School South Korea
9/3/19 Branksom Hall South Korea
9/3/19 North London Collegiate South Korea
9/4/19 Tsinghua International School China
9/4/19 The Affiliated High School of Peking University China
9/4/19 Keystone Academy China
9/5/19 Capital Normal University High School China
9/5/19 Beijing National Day School China
9/5/19 International School of Beijing China
9/6/19 Shanghai Pinghe  China
9/6/19 Dulwich College & Concordia College China
9/6/19 Star River College Fair China
9/9/19 Kang Chiao Taiwan
9/9/19 Taipei European School Taiwan
9/9/19 Taipei American School Taiwan
9/11/19 United Nations International School of Hanoi Vientam
9/11/19 Concordia International School Vietnam
9/11/19 Olympia School Vietnam

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