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Saladyga, Tom
Tom Saladyga
Title: Associate Professor of Geography
College: College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Department: Department of Social Sciences
Phone: 304-384-6040
Building: Marsh Hall
Room: 125B
Office Hours: Email for office hours
Box: F-42

Tom Saladyga


Ph.D., West Virginia University (2011)
M.A., West Chester University (2006)
B.S., The Pennsylvania State University (2002)


Dr. Saladyga teaches courses in physical and environmental geography at Concord. His research utilizes dendrochronology (tree-ring science) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to examine forest ecosystem stability and resilience in the context of changing climate, land use, and/or management strategies. For more information, check out the Environmental Geography Lab at: is external).

Example publications:

Saladyga, T. and A. Standlee. 2018. Historical drivers and contemporary perceptions of wildfire in a post-industrial rural landscape. Fire. 1(2): 33.

Saladyga, T. 2017. Forest disturbance history from 'legacy' pitch pine (Pinus rigida) at the New River Gorge, West Virginia. Natural Areas Journal. 37(1): 49-57.

Hessl, A.E., P. Brown, O. Byambasuren, S. Cockrell, C. Leland, E. Cook, B. Nachin, N. Pederson, T. Saladyga, and B. Suran. 2016. Fire and climate in Mongolia (1532-2010 CE). Geophysical Research Letters. 43(12): 6519-6527.

​​Saladyga, T. and R.S. Maxwell. 2015. Temporal variability in climate response of eastern hemlock in the Central Appalachian Region. Southeastern Geographer. 55-2: 143-163.

Saladyga, T., A.E. Hessl, N. Pederson, and B. Nachin. 2013. Privatization, drought, and fire exclusion in the Tuul River watershed, Mongolia. Ecosystems. 16: 1139-1151.