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Concord College Library Acquires Harvard Business School Core Collection

Concord College Library Acquires Harvard Business School Core Collection

Athens, W.Va. - The J. Frank Marsh Library at Concord College recently acquired a substantial portion of the Harvard Business School Core Collection. Library Director Dr. Stephen Rowe says that the Harvard Business Core Collection is a listing of books that the Baker Library at Harvard Business School originally organized to benefit students who are interested in business issues. Concord purchased 500 titles from that “core” collection.

The Baker Library’s Core Collection was established in 1969 at Harvard to provide a compact selection of books that is easily browsed and reflects the research and teaching interests of the Harvard Business School.

“The reason Concord decided to acquire this collection is basically related to the interests of President Beasley and his recognition of a need for better resources for undergraduate business majors,” Dr. Rowe explained. “Moreover, studies were conducted by the West Virginia legislature and Concord College that pointed to a need for masters level business programs in southern West Virginia. Concord College may be the institution that provides this program. The collection would offer one of the resources necessary for the administration of a master level business program.”

According to Dr. Rowe, the Concord College Foundation made this collection available by providing a gift of $25,000 to the library for the purchase of this important resource.

Division chairperson of Business and Economics Kendra Boggess says that the Collection will especially benefit business students for their class research and it will contribute to their understanding of business.

“It’s a more in depth business collection than Concord has had in the past,” stated Boggess. “It allows students to conduct more extensive and in-depth research.”

Dr. Rowe says that Concord has around 3,000 books dealing specifically with business. This collection brings the total business titles to around 3,600. This will help Concord College provide specialized upper level resources if Concord teaches master level business courses to students in southern West Virginia.

“We now have a tremendous resource for Concord College students and students in southern West Virginia who are interested in pursuing business as a major. Maybe this collection will mean the library will have a ‘sell-out’ for ‘checking out’ these materials,” chuckled Rowe. “Wouldn’t that be great?”

For more information, contact Dr. Stephen Rowe at 1-304-384-5366, or e-mail


Concord College Notes: The Communication Arts Department produces the College’s student newspaper, radio programming and television programming. The department also produces theatrical and musical productions. It is organized similar to today’s modern corporation with the students completing projects under both student and faculty supervision. This gives students real-world experience that focuses on accountability and responsibility.

Naomi Koyano, a student in Concord College’s Communication Arts Department wrote this press release. She is working as a student intern in the office of development at Concord College this summer. Her hometown is Tokyo, Japan. She is majoring in Communication Broadcasting. Her anticipated graduation date is August, 2000.


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