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Students Find Opportunities in Service at Concord

Students Find Opportunities in Service at Concord

Athens, W.Va. - “In the Bonner Scholars program, service isn’t just a responsibility,” stated Stuart Woods, a Bonner Scholar from Waiteville, W.Va., “it is an opportunity!”

The Bonner Scholars held their annual Senior Recognition, Saturday, April 15, 2000, in the Ballroom of the College Center at Concord College. Seniors who were honored included:

NICKELSVILLE, Va, Jennifer M. Broadwater

SINKS GROVE, W.Va., Lisa G. Coburn

GRAFTON, W.Va., Erin Luzader

BULGARIA, Dimitar Michailov

NEWHALL, W.Va., Earl Dwane Muncy

HUNTINGTON, W.Va., Leah M. Broce

IAEGER, W.Va., Paula R. Riffe

PAYNESVILLE, W.Va., Jarrod R. Waddell

JAMAICA, Natalie Wright

BULGARIA, Daniela Balkanska

NEPAL, Tirtha Timsina

NIGERIA, Oladimeji Onafuwa

Community service awards were given to students who have completed the most service hours during their participation in the Bonner Scholars program. Winners this year were Jennifer Broadwater, Nickelsville, Va., and Paula Riffe, Iaeger, W.Va. Together, they accumulated over 4,000 service hours that benefited a wide variety of local organizations.

Jennifer Broadwater volunteered with the Story Time Program in College Courts, Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center, Clinch River Health Services, Athens Elementary After-school Program, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Bonner Orientation, and America’s Promise. She also served as a summer intern with Southwest Virginia Community College. Jennifer stated that, “There is a world of opportunities and experiences just waiting for you to discover. I truly believe that we can made a difference!”

Paula Rife volunteered with the Hanover Public Library, Upward Bound, Southern Highlands Mental Health Institute, Athens Elementary School, Iaeger First Baptist Church, Reach House in Hinton, Huff Consolidated Grade School and The Havens. She also served as a Concord College Ambassador. Paula noted that her greatest experience as a Bonner Scholar was learning to communicate with the public.

Daniela Balkanska from Bulgaria received the Bonner Scholar Academic Award by achieving a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Daniela volunteered with the Concord College Student Support Services as a tutor, SAFE House in Welch, W.Va., the Bulgarian Red Cross, and the West Virginia Development Office in Charleston.

Other Bonner Scholars Seniors were honored for their contributions to local organizations.

Lisa Coburn volunteered with the WE CAN Program, Student Needs and Assistance Program (SNAP), and Monroe County Headstart. Erin Luzader served as a volunteer at Pipestem State Park, with the Headstart Program, Primary Relief Fund, Pinehaven Homeless Shelter, and as an America’s Promise Southern Coalfields coordinator. She also served as an Energy Express Mentor.

Dimitar Michailov volunteered with the College’s Student Support Serivces and at the SAFE House in Welch, W.Va.

Earl Dwane Muncy completed service hours with the HOPE Food/Clothing Shelter, Big Creek People In Action, Newhall Bible Church and as a Concord College Student Tutor.

Oladimeji Onufuwa volunteered at the University of Michigan Daycare, Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital, Concord Career Services Office, Wooddell Hall, College Center Office, and the SAFE House in Welch, W.Va.

Tirtha Timsina volunteered at Pinehaven Homeless Shelter in Beckley, W.Va., Caretta Community Center, Exhibition Coal Mine, Mercer Elementary School, Athens Elementary School, Concord Child Development Center, Concord Student Affairs Office, and the Concord Office of Housing and Residential Life.

Jarrod Waddell volunteered at the Hinton Abused Children House, Iaeger High School, and in the homes of citizens in-need.

Natalie Wright held positions with Concord College Day Care and the American Red Cross in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Underclassmen who were honored included:

EDMOND, W.Va., Patricia Syner

HINTON, W.Va., Bethany Farley

LINDSIDE, W.Va., Leah Comer

PRINCETON, W.Va., Casie Hurt

RODERFIELD, W.Va., Donald Reed

WAITEVILLE, W.Va., Stuart Woods

INDIA, Vishal Badiani

Special recognition was given to Concord College staff member Buford Young for serving on the Bonner Scholars Advisory Board. He is retiring after this school year.

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Concord College Notes: Public service is a very important part of Concord College's mission to the local community. The Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation based in Princeton, N.J., has recognized this commitment to service and endowed the college with funds to establish the Bonner Scholarship Program. This scholarship program provides 80 students with financial support for their education and each student must then provide support to the community through volunteer services. Bonner Scholars are typically first generation college students with a record of academic success and a demonstrated concern for their home community. Students remain in the Bonner Scholarship Program for four years. During this time they provide an average of 10 hours of community support per week during the regular school year and 240 hours of service during the summer. While this program may be found on 23 other college and university campuses, Concord College is the only public institution selected for this honor.

Photo, left to right: Jennifer Broadwater, Paula Riffe, Leah Broce, Tirtha Timsina, Dwane Muncy, Lisa Coburn, Erin Luzader, Daniela Balkanska.