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New Weekend Bus Service For Concord Students and Athens Residents

New Weekend Bus Service For Concord Students and Athens Residents

Athens, W.Va. - Concord College has great news for those students who remain on campus for the weekend. The fully handicapped accessible bus service by Bluefield Transit System will be available for Concord students, Athens residents or anyone who is interested in traveling between Athens and Princeton.

Despite the fact that most local students go home on the weekend, many students who came from a long distance such as California, Florida and foreign countries still have to remain on campus for the weekend. As a result, a majority of Concord students have been saying that “we have nothing to do on the weekend” for many years. This new service sponsored by Concord’s housing office will be one of keys to change students’ lives on the weekend.

According to Concord Housing and Residence Life Director Rick Dillon, the idea was originally suggested by Nancy Ellison, director of English and language training program and international students advisor.

“Nancy wanted me to make this idea possible to help all students, especially international students,” Dillon said. “I asked the Bluefield Transit System to plan their bus schedule 30 weekends throughout the year. I only counted weekends when school is in session since I figured the service won’t be necessary during the break and the summer when not many people are around.”

“I wanted to help students who don’t have access to transportation. I know that all they can do is to stay on campus since they don’t have cars. I just wanted to let them have fun especially on the weekend,” Ellison explained.

According to Dillon, the bus service will begin on Saturday, August 19 – the first weekend after students come back for the fall 2000 semester. The bus will run to K-Mart and Wal-Mart in Princeton (which will be open in August), to Mercer Mall, and then to the Pine Plaza shopping center on Stafford Drive. Riders may get on or off anywhere they want on the route.

The round trip cost will be $1.00 for Concord students with validated college I.D. and $2.00 for Athens community residents. Monthly passes may be purchased from the bus driver for a small fee of $5.00 for Concord students and $8.00 for Athens community residents. The bus stop on campus will be located in front of the College Center. A bus schedule will be distributed both in the town of Athens and on the college campus.

Athens mayor Robert Richardson commented, “I think that this bus service will be great for helping people in the community, especially for those who have difficulty driving or don’t have automobiles.”

“Now,” concluded Ellison, “many students have the freedom to get off campus and enjoy the weekend.”

For more information, contact Nancy Ellison at 1-304-384-6086, or Rick Dillon at 1-304-384-5231,

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Naomi Koyano, a student in Concord College’s Communication Arts Department wrote this press release. She is working as a student intern in the office of development at Concord College this summer. Her hometown is Tokyo, Japan. She is majoring in Communication Broadcasting. Her anticipated graduation date is August, 2000.

Photo, left to right: Nancy Ellison, Bluefield Transit System representative Patrick McKinney, Rick Dillon.