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Students Benefit From Concord College/WVU Agreement

Students Benefit From Concord College/WVU Agreement .

Athens, W.Va. - Concord College President Jerry Beasley and West Virginia University President David C. Hardesty inked an agreement to further the education of two students from Concord College this past Wednesday, January 26 in Charleston, West Virginia. McNair Program managers Kristin Jenkins and Linville Hawthorne witnessed the signing.

Concord College offers McNair Scholarships to students who are interested in acquiring a Ph.D. in their chosen field. The Program provides a stipend, mentor and tuition waivers for certain McNair-designated courses. The Program can also assist with GRE fee waivers and advises students with regard to graduate school acceptance criteria.

According to the terms of the agreement, West Virginia University will waive tuition and application fees for two McNair Scholars from Concord College. The goal of the school’s partnership is to encourage more students to pursue doctoral degrees.

McNair Program Director Linville Hawthorne was instrumental in establishing the relationship with WVU, and has managed the program the past two years.

"This is an excellent means for McNair Scholars here at Concord to enter a graduate school," said Hawthorne. "WVU provides an opportunity for McNair Scholars to pursue graduate work in the discipline of their choice. We are pleased that WVU decided to enter into this agreement. It is extremely valuable to students in southern West Virginia."

Concord’s President Jerry Beasley said, "I am thrilled that Concord has the McNair Scholars Program. According to a recent report from our legislature, doctoral degree ‘production’ in our state is far behind other states. This is one small way we can help." 

WVU’s President Hardesty stated that, "WVU is proud to welcome future McNair Scholars to our campus. Concord has a proud tradition of attracting some of the state's brightest, and we pledge to continue preparing these excellent students for exciting and rewarding careers."

Select language from the agreement follows:

In an effort to encourage more students to pursue graduate degrees, West Virginia University will annually provide tuition waivers and waive the application fee for two McNair Scholars who have obtained a baccalaureate degree from Concord College and who are accepted into a graduate program at the University (two entrants per year). The selected McNair Scholars will receive these waivers annually for up to three years if enrolled in a M.S. program and five years if enrolled in a doctoral program. Continued receipt of the tuition waivers is also dependent on good academic standing and progress toward the degree as judged by the student’s graduate program

For more information about the McNair Scholarship Program, call 1-304-384-6019. For information about universities in West Virginia, log on to For information about the state college system in West Virginia, log on to


Concord College Notes: The McNair Scholars Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, aids students who aspire to earn a Ph.D. (or other appropriate terminal degree) in their chosen field of study. The program targets students who are either first generation college students and in financial need or those who are underrepresented in their chosen field. The program honors the United States’ second African-American astronaut, Ronald E. McNair. He was a laser physicist and received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1976. McNair served as a mission specialist on the fateful 1986 Challenger flight which exploded, killing all crew members on board.