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Concord College Lists Candidates for Graduation

Concord College Lists Candidates for Graduation

Athens, W.Va. - Dr. Dean W. Turner, Vice President and Academic Dean at Concord College in Athens, West Virginia announces the May, 2000 candidates for graduation listing. Unless otherwise noted, all cities and towns are located in West Virginia.


ARNETT: Sandra Michelle Aliff, K-8 Multi-Subjects

ATHENS: Stephanie Carol Lilly, K-8 Multi-Subjects, magna cum laude

BALLARD: Erica Lynn Carr Smith, K-8 Multi-Subjects, magna cum laude

BARTLEY: Michelle Evett Poore, K-12 Music

BECKLEY: Sawsan A. Galal, 5-12 General Science; Rachel Ann Goodwin, 5-12 Social Studies

BLUEFIELD: Heather Leigh Ann Blaylock, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Kevin Todd Garay, 5-12 Social Studies, cum laude; James Paul Sutphin Jr., K-12 Physical Education and Health Education, cum laude; Angela Renea Thompson, K-12 Physical Education

BRANCHLAND: Ronald Kevin Hutchison, K-12 Physical Education and Health Education

COAL CITY: Gary Wayne Allen, K-12 Physical Education and Health Education

CRAB ORCHARD: Andrea Jo Plumley-Sullivan, K-12 Music, cum laude

DANIELS: Jeffrey Andy Hayworth, K-12 Physical Education and Health Education; Heather Dawn Lacy, 5-12 English, cum laude

ELKVIEW: Brian Stephen Young, K-12 Physical Education and Health Education

FLAT TOP: Emily Ann Hodovan, Pre-k K Early Childhood Special Education, with honors

HARPER: Judy Lynn Stump, Pre-k-K Eraly Childhood Special Education, with honors

HINTON: Jason Tucker Ford, K-8 Multi-Subjects, cum laude

IAEGER: Christy Lea Hunt, K-8 Multi-Subjects

JUMPING BRANCH: Karen Keever Bollinger, K-8 Multi-Subjects, summa cum laude

JUSTICE: Gehrig Heath Justice, 5-12 Social Studies

MEADOW BRIDGE: Melinda Sue McClanahan, 5-12 Social Studies

MOUNT HOPE: Kelly Ann Minchin, K-8 Multi-Subjects

OAK HILL: Christopher Shirley Blake, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Autumn Dawn Swick, 5-12 English (also received the Bachelor of Arts); Jerilea V. Toney, K-8 Multi-Subjects, magna cum laude

OCEANA: Misty Lane Stewart, K-8 Multi-Subjects, magna cum laude

PETERSTOWN: Lori Gay Williams, K-12 Music, cum laude

PINEVILLE: Lori Lynn Cook, K-8 Multi-Subjects, cum laude

PRINCETON: Sherry Jean Bailey, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Rachel Elizabeth Bird, K-12 Music, magna cum laude; Lisa Dawn Blankenship, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Joanna Margaret Burr, 5-12 English (also received the Bachelor of Arts) Tammy Keaton Hoffman, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Jennifer LeAnn Kennedy, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Kristal Gayle Pentasuglia, K-8 Multi-Subjects; Randall Lee Wilson, 5-12 Social Studies

ROCK: Amy Leigh Heldreth, 5-12 English (also received the Bachelor of Arts)

RODERFIELD: Jessee James Rose III, 5-12 General Science

SAINT ALBANS: John David Sowards, 5-12 Mathematics

SHADY SPRINGS: Ernest Russell Adkins, 9-12 Biology and 5-12 General Science

UNION: Rebecca Renee Perry, 9-12 Biological Science

WARRIORMINE: Michelle Lea Boyd, K-8 Multi-Subjects

WINFIELD: Lori Grace Haggerty, K-8 Multi-Subjects, Pre-k-K Early Childhood

COVINGTON, VA: Kristan Leigh Brown, 5-12 Math and K-12 Music, cum laude

FREDERICKSBURG, VA: Allan Clark Henshaw, K-12 Physical Education

PALM BAY, FL: Scott Bradley Norris, K-12 Physical Education

RICHLANDS, VA: Matthew Shane Herron, 5-12 Social Studies



ANSTED: Mary Elizabeth Markivich, Psychology, summa cum laude

ATHENS: Aven Conley Sizemore, Geography

BEAVER: Amber Gail Franklin, Political Science with a minor in History

BECKLEY: Sarah Grace Hamons, Psychology and Sociology, cum laude; Olga Pecoraro, English-Writing Emphasis, magna cum laude

BLUEFIELD: James Michael Steele, Political Science


BUD: Serina Marie Tilley, Psychology with a minor in Biology

BUFFALO: Andrea Renea Nease, History and English-Writing, with a minor in Political Science, magna cum laude

DANESE: Leslie Lynn Gilbert, Advertising/Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art

DUCK: Rachael Elizabeth Hoffman, Advertising/Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art, magna cum laude

FRAZIERS BOTTOM: Heather Elizabeth Pratt, Sociology and English/Journalism Emphasis, with honors in Sociology

FREEMAN: Herbert Edwad Eanes II, English-Writing and Journalism with a minor in Communications

HUNTINGTON: Isaac Andrew Harris, Political Science with a minor in History

JOLO: Christopher Michael Church, Advertising/Graphic Design

LERONA: Ashely Gayle Cook, Sociology and Political Science, with honors in Sociology; James Ray Lusk, Psychology with a minor in Sociology, cum laude

OAK HILL: Autumn Dawn Swick, English-Literature Emphasis (also received the Bachelor of Science in Education)

PAYNESVILLE: Jarrod Ray Waddell, Psychology and Sociology; Dawn Yvonne Hall, Advertising/Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art

PETERSTOWN: John Alvin Boone, Psychology and Biology; Eresha Della Folio, Political Science (also received the bachelor of Social Work); Benjamin D. Frazier, Geography with a minor in Biology, with honors in Geography

PINEVILLE: Jordan Howard Younce, Psychology and Sociology

PRINCETON: Joanna Margaret Burr, English-Journalism Emphasis and Literature-Writing Emphasis; April Diane Cole, Psychology with a minor in Sociology; Roy Duane Green, Geography; Stacy Diane Melvin, History and English Literature; Daniel Stewart Milam, Geography; Rebecca Weatherford Pendleton, Psychology with a minor in Sociology; Brenda Gail Riffe, Psychology; Amber Joyce Sizemore, History and English-Literature with a minor in Biology; Matthew Franklin Smith, Political Science with a minor in Business Administration

RAINELLE: Scott Wayne McClanahan, English-Writing and Journalism and History, with honors in History

REEDY: Christina Louise Saunders, Geography with a minor in Travel Industry Management

ROCK: Amy Leigh Heldreth, English/Writing & Literature (also received the Bachelor of Science in Education)

SAINT ALBANS: Stacy Annette Lucas, Political Science with a minor in Communications

SHADY SPRINGS: Michael James Radford, Geography, cum laude

SPANISHBURG: James Ray Scott, Geography

SUMMERSVILLE: Carey Ann Brooks, Geography

ANN ARBOR, MI: Oladimeji Onafuwa, Advertising/Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art, magna cum laude

COVINGTON, VA: Jeremy Charles Bartley, Psychology with a minor in Sociology

EXMORE, VA: Mary DeLayne Ochsner, Psychology with a minor in Social Work

IBARABI, JAPAN: Junko Ichimura, Advertising/Graphic Design

RICHMOND, VA: George Clifton Axtell, History with a minor in Political Science

SAINT PAUL, VA: Robert Cecil Hall, Advertising/Graphic Design with a minor in Studio Art, cum laude

SOFIA, BULGARIA: Kristina Petrova, English-Journalism Emphasis, magna cum laude

TAZEWELL, VA: Shakita Micole Bland, Sociology and Geography?

WOODBRIDGE, VA: Melinda Mae Hayman, Political Science (also received the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts) summa cum laude


ATHENS: Joshua Benjamin Doss, Computer Science/Mathematics; DeanAnn Farris, Biology (pre-professional); Pamela Yvonne Meadows, Chemistry (pre-professional), summa cum laude; Katherine Emily Marie Redding, Biology (pre-professional) with a minor in Geography

BEAVER: Jennifer Leigh Cottle, Computer Science/Mathematics

BUD: Benjamin Randolf Lafferty, Chemistry (comprehensive) with a minor in Biology, magna cum laude

CALVIN: Kris Ellen Hypes, Biology with a minor in Chemistry

CRAIGSVILLE: Jason Allen Frazer, Chemistry (pre-professional) with minors in Mathematics and Biology, cum laude

FAYETTEVILLE: Erin Elizabeth Feazell, Biology (pre-professional) with a minor in Chemistry, magna cum laude

HINTON: Abraham Charles Lilly, Biology

JOLO: Tiffany Olivia Sparks, Biology (pre-professional) with minors in Psychology and Mathematics, magna cum laude

LANSING: Megan Elizabeth Grose, Biology with a minor in Geography

MacARTHUR: Timothy Alan Darnell, Biology (pre-professional), cum laude

MCGRAWS: Donna Sue Privett, Biology

MEADOW BRIDGE: Biology (pre-professional)

MINERALWELLS: Amanda Kay Hayes, Biology, cum laude

MULLENS: Lee Ann Bowling, Biology (pre-professional)

PETERSTOWN: Heather Michele Coburn, Biology (pre-professional)

PRINCETON: Tara Dawn Burns, Biology

RONCEVERTE: Heather Lynn Ratliff, Biology (pre-professional)

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS: Lynn Ellen McKinney, Chemistry with a minor in Art, cum laude

WHITMAN: Jason Andrew Mayhorn, Biology

FALLS MILLS, VA: Gregory Steven Riffe, Mathematics Comprehensive

HYBERABAD, INDIA: Rajender Adibhatla, Mathematics Comprehensive

NICKELSVILLE, VA: Jennifer Marie Broadwater, Biology with a minor in Mathematics, cum laude

OMAHA, NE: Charles Emmett Compton, Biology

SIBIU, ROMANIA: Valentin Parvu, Mathematics, with minors in Statistics, Computer Science, and Business Administration, summa cum laude

SOFIA, BULGARIA: Todor H. Hinov, Biology (pre-professional) with a minor in Chemistry

TEHRATHUM, NEPAL: Tirtha Prasad Timsina, Mathematics Comprehensive and Comprehensive Science/Mathematics, cum laude

VINTON, VA: Kristi Marie Dyer, Biology


ATHENS: Kevin Wayne Harper, Management

BALLARD: Joetta Sue Cales, Management

BEAVER: Ted Maynor, Accounting and Finance, cum laude; Michele Rae Walker, Accounting, cum laude

BECKLEY: Rachel Dawn Adkins, Management; Jonathan Michael Crouch, Accounting, cum laude; Eric Brandon Dillon, Management, with honors; Mary Frances McCoy, Accounting, cum laude; Lori Ann Midkiff, Administrative Systems (also received the Associate of Arts in Office Supervision); Phillip Andrew Norman, Accounting

CRAB ORCHARD: Eric Shannon Priddy, Management

DANIELS: Juanita Catherine Fields

ELKVIEW: Jaime Lynn Davis, Management; Michael Alan Strickland, Management

FAYETTEVILLE: Jeremy Matthew Stone, Management

GAP MILLS: Melanie Lynn Dransfield, Administrative Systems (also received the Associate of Arts in Office Supervision)

GREEN SULPHUR SPRINGS: Kimbeerly Dawn Hartwell, magna cum laude

GLEN DANIEL: Lewis Edward Dunbar II, Management

HACKER VALLEY: Edwin Jearl Bender, Management

HANOVER: Christopher Dale Ellis, Management

HUNTINGTON: Justin Shane Baisden, Finance and Management

IAEGER: Paula Renee Riffe, Management

JUMPING BRANCH: Jo E. Canterbury, Management

KEGLEY: Kelly Ann Goodwin, Acounting

LEWISBURG: Samantha Summer Simmons, Management

NORTHFORK: David Lamont Hickman, Management

OAK HILL: Cheryl Ann Morris, Management, cum laude; Danielle Nicole Williams, Management

PETERSTOWN: Theresa Louise Cook, Administrative Systems; Lisa Jo Mann, Accounting, cum laude

PRINCETON: Wendy Ann Akers, Management; Matthew White Barnett, Marketing; Lynn Ayn Bowling, Accounting; Rebecca Ann Cahill, Accounting, summa cum laude; Susan Ann Johnston, Acounting; Steven Wayne Steele, Management; Jeffrey Robert Wegner, Financi and Management, magna cum laude

PROSPERITY: Jessica Rutledge Stewart, Management

ALEXANDER, IOWA: Garrett Ryan Edward Fahrmann, Management

RONCEVERTE: Erin Michele Hager, Management

GERMANTOWN, MD: Robert Adrian Vasile, Finance, summa cum laude

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Eugenia Tsvetkova, Finance and Management, cum laude

ONTARIO, CANADA: Thomas James Trenholme, Marketing Managment

ORANGE, VA: Pierre Vashon Poindexter, Administrative Systems

SOFIA, BULGARIA: Emily Andreeva Petrova, Travel Services Management

SOUTH LEBANON, OHIO: Kevin Glenn Bowman, Accounting

TAZEWELL, VA: Crystal Lee Angles, Management

VARNA, BULGARIA: Daniela Vesselinova Balkanska, Accounting and Finance, summa cum laude

WYTHEVILLE, VA: Teresa Ann Repass, Accounting


BECKLEY: Kimberly Griffith Heldreth, magna cum laude

BRENTON: Donna Marie Cook

DANESE: Freda Louise Sheaves, magna cum laude

GRAFTON: Erin Renee Luzader

HINTON: Rhonda Ann Alderman Knuckles

IAEGER: Kelli Rae Hicks

OAK HILL: Amber Kay Sherman, magna cum laude

PETERSTOWN: Eresha Della Folio

PINEVILLE: Melissa Dawn Clay

PRINCETON: Michele Dawn Shrader

SCARBRO: Susan Stark Montgomery, cum laude


ATHENS: Sandra K. Curry, Hospitality Management; Tinawat Klaimongkol, Travel Services Management

BECKLEY: Amanda Lindsay Norman, Tourism Planning and Promotion

BRADSHAW: Michele Lynn Crigger, Park and Resort Management

DANESE: Sandra Michelle Smith, Hospitality Management

DELBARTON: Glen Russell Rutledge III, Park and Resort Management

HINTON: Courtney Beth Davis, Hotel and Food Service Management, with honors

NEW RICHMOND: Amy Elizabeth Poff, Tourism Planning and Promotion

PINEVILLE: Kelly Ann Stone, Park and Resort Management

PRINCETON: Mitzi Rae Bibey, Hotel and Food Service Management; Darlene Michelle Bishop, Park and Resort Management, cum laude; Martha Jane Hughes, Tourism Planning and Promotion

BANGKOK, THAILAND: Burin Bosereewong, Park and Resort Management


FAYETTEVILLE: Aimee Daun Dixon; Andrea Michelle Poore

GLEN DANIEL: Larry DeWayne Hendrick

SUMMERSVILLE: Christopher Craig Cavendish


CHARLESTON: Stephanie Ann Martin

LINDSIDE: Michael Joseph Hines Jr.

PARKERSBURG: Jason Allen Deem, cum laude

PRINCETON: Myra Faye Blake; Gilbert O. Catron; Rachel Amber Stewart; Jason W. Tabor

BURKE, VA: Frank Fernandez

HOMESTEAD, FL: Donald Fletcher Ames

MANASSAS, VA: Samuel Vernon Harvey, cum laude

WOODBRIDGE, VA: Christopher Jason Matile


HINTON: Teressa Dawn Katz, Theatre, magna cum laude

PRINCETON: Colin Edward Worthington, Broadcasting/Journalism

TALCOTT: Laura Leigh Whitaker, Broadcasting/Journalism

WELCH: Helen Marie Clay, Theatre

VALE, NC: Jeffrey Scott Bazzie, Broadcasting/Journalism

WOODBRIDGE, VA: Melinda Mae Hayman, Broadcasting/Journalism (also received the Bachelor of Arts)


DANIELS: Brian Edward Masney

ROCK: Douglas Edward Cook, cum laude


BECKLEY: Carol Jane Warden

LEWISBURG: Julie Heather Hanna

MOUNT HOPE: Belinda Jane Davis

MONTCLAIR, VA: Travis Wedge



BECKLEY: Lori Ann Midkiff, Administrative Office Management/Administrative Office Assistant; Jane Larrick Price, Administrative Office Assistant

GAP MILLS: Melanie Lynn Dransfield, Administrative Office Management (also received the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration )

OSAKA, JAPAN: Kumi Hatae, Administrative Office Assistant


For more information, call the Concord College Registrar’s Office at 1-304-384-5236