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You're Invited to My Graduation. . . And, My Wedding, Too!

You’re Invited to My Graduation. . .And, My Wedding, Too!

Athens, W.Va. - Robert Adrian Vasile, one of two valedictorians for the 125th Commencement of Concord College already has plans. The day after graduation, he plans to marry his fiancée, Sandi Bray, in Independence, Va. "I came to Concord with a dream–and I leave with wonderful plans for my future," commented Mr. Vasile, who hails from Romania. Bulgarian Daniela Vesselinova Balkanska will serve as co-valedictorian.

"About five percent of our student body is comprised of international students, commented Concord President Jerry Beasley. "International students bring the world to Concord, and leave with a solid education that showcases our state and institution. They share their culture and lifestyle with local schools and organizations like the Girl Scouts. The composition of Concord’s student body is an indication of the global nature of the new economy and all of us benefit from this diversity."

Concord College will host its 125th spring commencement ceremony Saturday, May 13, 2000, at 10:00 a.m. in Centennial Hall on the Athens campus of the College.

"We will have a total of 368 graduates. This includes 98 graduates from our fall 1999 commencement, 237 who will qualify for spring commencement ceremonies and 33 who will be ready to graduate in August," stated Interim Registrar Carolyn Cox. "Commencement is an exciting time for us, and we invite the friends and families of our graduation candidates to join us in this celebration."

For more information about graduation, call Interim Registrar Carolyn Cox at 1-304-384-5323.