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Cook Awarded Finkelman Accounting Scholarship

Cook Awarded Finkelman Accounting Scholarship

Athens, W.Va. - Robert “Bobby” Miller of Oceana has been selected by the Concord College accounting faculty to receive the institution’s Harry Finkelman Accounting Scholarship for the 2002-2003 academic year. Cook, his father Robert, a former principal of Road Branch Grade School, and his sister Jessica, were honored at a dinner on March 26, hosted by Mr. Finkelman and wife, Estelle. Mrs. Cook, a teacher at Road Branch was unable to attend the dinner. Also attending the dinner were Concord College President Jerry Beasley, his wife Jean, and daughter Sarah.

Cook is a 2001 graduate of Oceana High School and is a junior accounting major at Concord College where he plans to graduate in May, 2005.

“I considered becoming a lawyer because I love public speaking, but decided to become an accountant after being influenced by a poster in the guidance counselor’s office at school. I know the accounting program at Concord is highly regarded,” said Cook.

Cook participated in the dual enrollment program, which enabled him to enroll at Concord with thirty-two credit hours under his belt. “I appreciate my high school teachers—they prepared me well for college. And at Concord, both Gina Sturgill and Charles Autrey are wonderful professors.”

Finkelman said, “Whenever we award these scholarships, I feel as if I am being honored again.”

The funds to create this annual scholarship came from Finkelman’s former students when he retired from his 32-year teaching career in 1981.

Finkelman then told Cook, “I am as proud of my accounting students and recipients of this scholarship as I would be if they were our children. I know you will do Concord College proud, me proud and your parents proud.”Beasley told Cook, “The Finkelman Scholarship is meaningful in the accounting circles in West Virignia. He was the first Certified Public Accountant to teach full-time in West Virginia. Anyone chosen for this honor is destined to do well. At one time there were six banks in Mercer County and five of those bank presidents were Harry’s students.”

Mr. Finkelman complimented Mr. and Mrs. Cook for their roles in helping their son to succeed. Cook is the 22nd recipient of the scholarship.

The Finkelman Scholarship was the first Concord College scholarship created for a person who was still living and of those created since, it remains the largest of this type. It was also the first scholarship set up entirely by students. Finkleman, a resident of Princeton, is a member of the Concord College Foundation Board of Directors and was the announcer for all the College’s home football games for over 50 years.

For information on establishing scholarships, call the Office of Development at 1-304-384-5317 or the Concord College Division of Business and Economics at 1-304-384-5244.


Concord College Notes: Concord graduates have a history of high performance on post-exit examinations, such as the CPA licensure examination, and they report themselves to be satisfied in their careers.