Home Usage Policy


The following guidelines offer parameters for the use of the home of the President of Concord University and their family. The President’s Home functions first and foremost as a residence. On occasion, it is used by others as the University’s way of extending its presence and good will to the surrounding community and to friends of the University who support its mission and goals. Before inquiring about the use of the President’s Home, campus event planners should make every effort to reserve other University venues first. A wide variety of venues exists across the University’s campus suitable for meetings, retreats, conferences and other functions. Under no circumstance should the President’s Home be considered an extension of the campus for regular meeting space.




The President’s Home is available Monday through Friday. Weekday events must begin no earlier than 10:00 a.m. and end by 9 p.m. If the President is scheduled to attend an event, the time parameters may be changed with approval.

The President’s Home may only be used on Saturdays and Sundays for functions that are hosted by the President, those they plan to attend, or those that are reserved by groups in which the President is directly involved.

Members of the Concord University community may request the use of The President’s Home a minimum of 45 days and up to 6 months in advance of the event.




The requester should:


  • Read these guidelines.
  • Complete the President’s Home Event Space Request Form
  • Send the completed President’s Home Event Space Request Form to the Assistant to the President by fax at (304) 384-5224 or by e-mail attachment to lwoolwine@concord.edu.

Once the completed form is received, the Assistant to the President will evaluate the event for compliance with appropriate use guidelines and check the availability of the President’s Home.

Upon approval from the President’s Office, the Assistant to the President will contact the requester with a status update. Should the President be unavailable to approve the request, the Assistant to the President will approve the request. Whenever possible, the requester will be contacted within three days of receipt of the request.

All events held at the President’s Home require catering (see Standards). Upon approval of the event request the Aramark Director of Catering will contact the requester for the required catering order.




Due to room size constraints and the desire to preserve the President’s Home’s valuable furnishings, the following guest accommodation plans will prevail:


  • The ground floor may accommodate 60 guests at a standing reception.
  • Twelve guests may be seated at the Dining Room table, an additional round table can be added and seat 4 more guests.




The President’s Home has no black-out shades, but does have a SONOS sound system that provides musical entertainment. There is no other built-in technology or audio-visual equipment of any kind available.




CU’s Aramark Dining Services is responsible for providing needed indoor additional china, glass, silver, table linens, serving pieces, tables and chairs. The costs for rental equipment will be borne by the requester. CU’s Aramark Dining Services will provide invoicing for equipment, table linens, and florals on the final event catering contract.




The lawn and patio may be used for events.


  • The lawn will accommodate 400 guests.
  • The patio will accommodate up to 40 seated or 65 standing guests.

The Assistant to the President arranges for the rental of tents, staging, dance floors and other outdoor equipment and obtains the proper permits. All delivery and set-up of tents, tables, chairs, dance floors and other equipment must be scheduled prior to the event by the Assistant to the President. Vendor invoices for outdoor equipment rentals are sent directly to the requester’s office for payment. Adherence to the City of Athens noise ordinance is mandatory.

Banners may not be displayed. Outdoor lanterns must be requested on the President’s Home Event Request Form and will be placed only by the University groundskeepers.

The Rose Garden is reserved at all times for the President for University functions and may not be used for private events such as weddings.




The Assistant to the President will make initial contact with Aramark for the requester and act as liaison between the catering department and the requester until completion of the event. CU Dining Services shall be the exclusive provider of food and beverage for all events at the President’s Home.




In keeping with the status of the President’s Home as one of Athens’ most historic homes, and its prestigious place at Concord University as the President’s home, certain standards must be observed.

  • For all events that involve dining, rental table linens and floral arrangements must be provided at the requester’s expense. Additional costs for other necessary amenities will also be borne by the requester. The Assistant to the President will provide guidance.
  • All the President’s Home events are by printed invitation only. A final proof of the invitation must be sent to the Assistant to the President prior to printing.
  • You must provide a guest list with notable guest(s), the guest(s) title(s) and guest(s) connection to the University for the purpose of briefing the President.
  • Coat check is required for all events that take place during cold or inclement weather.
  • Someone must be appointed at the door to greet all guests, direct them to coat check and catering staff and introduce them to the President, if they are in attendance.
  • Catering is required for all events. The Assistant to the President will decide if rental table linens and florals are required.




Guest parking is available in the parking lot adjoining the President’s Home and in the surrounding neighborhood. No reserved parking is available on the President’s Home property.




In the event Concord University must close due to inclement weather, no uses will be permitted at the President’s Home.




Routine maintenance including all landscaping and outdoor upkeep shall be completed by the University Maintenance Staff on an as needed basis. If there is work needed beyond the scope of the services provided by the University Maintenance Staff, appropriate use of contracted workers may be used in accordance with all WVHEPC procurement policies. If the home is unoccupied, it will be inspected weekly by a senior member of the maintenance staff for maintenance issues and needs.




The President’s Home will be cleaned weekly by the custodial services contracted by the University. The cleaning schedule also includes any additional dates as needed for set up and cleaning for special events. The regular weekly cleaning schedule will continue even when the home is unoccupied.