Founder's Day

In the 1840’s Colonel Henderson French established a land company in Mercer County.  The early settlers had a desire for a church.  In 1858, Colonel French provided land to fulfill the purpose.  Captain William Holroyd, a licensed Methodist preacher, helped build the church and French asked Holroyd’s wife to name it.  On the day of dedication, she said: “This church is where all denominations shall worship together in harmony, sweet fellowship and concord, and it shall be named Concord Church.”

The University received its name when, on February 28, 1872, the West Virginia Legislature passed “an Act to locate a Branch State Normal School, in Concord Church, in the County of Mercer.”

There are five families, The Fannings, Frenches, Holroyds, Martine, and Vermillions, who are responsible for meeting the challenge and getting the school established.  The first classes began on May 10, 1875 with 70 students.

Since the founding of the College, Concord has experienced eight “Principals” and twelve “Presidents.”  The term “Principal” changed to “President” in 1918.  Concord served as “Concord College” until 2004 when the name changed to what it is today as “Concord University.”  Concord has developed from a small institution with enrollment of 70 students to a nationally ranked University with enrollment of around 2,400 students.  The growth of Concord University is substantial.  Concord University was a dream that has come to life.  

The annual Charter Day Celebration was established by president, Dr. Beasley in 2006.  President, Dr. Aloia later changed the name to “Founders’ Day” as we refer to the ceremony today.  We continue this tradition to honor not only our Founders, but also how far our University has come.

The Founders’ Day Celebration highlights a keynote speaker who is a previous Concord University graduate.  President, Dr. Kendra Boggess enhanced the celebration by creating Presidential Excellence Awards to honor faculty, staff, and students.  The Presidential Excellence Awards will be presented to individuals who have demonstrated dedication and service to Concord University and the community.  Click here to complete a Presidential Excellence Award Nomination.  The University hopes for all to join us in our future Founders’ Day Celebrations.

Colonel William
Henderson French

Captain William Holroyd and his wife Sarah Caulkin Holroyd

Martha Ann White Martin

William Harvey Martin


Previous Award Recipients

Faculty Teaching Award

            2009 – Dr. Kathy Hawks

            2010 – Dr. Lauri Reidmiller

            2011 – Dr. Charles Grindstaff

                        Dr. Anita Reynolds

                        Dr. Terry Mullins

            2012 – Dr. Bill Deck

            2013 – Dr. Tom Ford

            2014 – Dr. Cynthia Khanlarian

            2015 – Mr. Kevin Bennington


Faculty Scholarship/Creativity Award

            2009 – Dr. Joseph Allen

            2010 – Dr. He-Boong Kwon

            2011 – Dr. Darrell Crick

            2012 – Dr. Andrey Zagorchev

                        Dr. Gabriel Reiger

                        Dr. Amberyl Malkovich

            2013 – Dr. Mohan Pokharel

            2014 – Dr. Michelle Gompf

            2015 – Dr. Stephen Kuehn


Faculty Service Presidential Excellence Service Award

            2009 – Dr. Eloise Elliott

            2010 – Mr. Kevin Bennington

            2011 – Dr. Susan Williams

            2012 – Dr. Andrea Campbell

            2013 – Dr. Thomas McKenna

            2014 – Dr. Susan Williams

            2015 – Dr. Joan Pendergast

            2016 – Dr. Cynthia Khanlarian

                        Dr. Dana Alloway

                        Dr. Christopher McClain

            2017 – Ms. Lonnie Bowe

                        Dr. Bill Ofsa

                        Dr. Joan Pendergast

            2018 – Dr. Diane Grych

                        Mrs. Angela Fedele, J.D.

                        Dr. Nancy Burton

                        Dr. Kim Chambers


Classified Staff Presidential Excellence Service Award

            2009 – Mrs. Amy Pitzer

            2010 – Ms. Sarah Dalton

            2011 – Mrs. Lynnis Hill

            2012 – Mrs. Anne Whittaker

            2013 – Mr. Robert Curry

            2014 – Mrs. Anita Conner

            2015 – Mr. Allen Smith

                        Mr. Gary Hylton,

                        Ms. Sarah Dalton

            2016 – Mrs. Christi Lamb

                        Mrs. Susie Lusk

                        Mrs. Amy Pitzer

                        Mrs. Bonnie Brown

            2017 – Mr. Eric Jewell

                        Ms. Andrea Webb

                        Ms. Miranda Martin

                        Mr. Doug Moore

            2018 – Mr. Kevin McMillion

                        Mr. Chris Smallwood

                        Mr. Eric Curry


Non-Classified Staff Presidential Excellence Service Award

            2011 – Dr. Stephen Rowe

            2012 – Mrs. Sharon Manzo

            2013 – Mrs. Tammy Monk

            2014 – Mr. Marshall Campbell

                        Mrs. Sarah Turner

            2015 – Mr. Steve Meadows

                        Mr. Garin Justice

                        Mrs. Kathy Ball

            2016 – Mr. Jamie Boggs

                        Mr. Steve Meadows

                        Mrs. Elizabeth Cahill-Musick

            2017 – Mrs. Connie Shumate

                        Mrs. Alicia Besenyei

            2018 – Dr. Sarah Beasley

                        Mr. Blake Farmer


Students Service Presidential Excellence Service Award

           2009 – Mr. Mitch Tuggle

                       Mr. Gavin Ward

                       Ms. Akeya Carter-Bozman

                       Ms. Shana Mounts

                       Ms. Heather Hall

            2010 – Ms. Carly Stout

            2011 – Ms. Megan Godfrey

                        Mr. Jonathan Hunt

                        Ms. Erica White

            2012 – Ms. Lindsay Scott

            2013 – Mr. Adam Pauley

                        Ms. Genevieve Hatcher

                        Mr. Montana Callison

            2014 – Ms. Ashley Clemmons

            2015 – Ms. Carli Brewer

                        Ms. Ronni Wood

                        Ms. Katie Ratcliffe

            2016 – Ms. Carli Brewer

                        Mr. Adam Miller

            2017 – Mr. Blake Farmer

                        Ms. Chelsea Goins

                        Ms. Sarah Woody

            2018 – Mr. Tyler Coy

                        Ms. Maizy Landreth

                        Ms. Kelsey Walls

                        Mr. Brandon Plyer


Auxiliary Staff Presidential Service Award

            2016 – Mrs. Drema Richardson

                        Ms. Gurnie Taylor

            2017 – Mrs. Melanie Farmer

                        Mrs. Anna Bell,

                        Mrs. Florence Sargent

            2018 – Ms. Mattie Payne

                        Mr. Jonathan Keaton


Student Organization Presidential Excellence in Philanthropy Award

            2015 – The Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity


Erma Byrd Center Faculty Presidential Excellence Award

            2015 – Dr. Keith Lilly


Erma Byrd Center Student Presidential Excellence Award

            2015 – Ms. Anita Rakes