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Human Resources

Welcome to Concord University’s online Office of Human Resources!

Concord University (CU) offers talented individuals a wide array of fulfilling career opportunities from entry through academic or administrative professional levels. To maintain an outstanding talent pool, we recruit both regionally and nationally to attract top candidates.

As an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, CU maintains a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees actively participate in contributing to the success of the university’s educational mission and improving the organization.

Outstanding benefits, market-based compensation, and other employee rewards contribute to CU being a destination employer. In fact, over half of CU employees have served with the university for over ten years, with over a third of all employees having between 15 years and 60 years of service!

If you are looking for more than just a job, then I encourage you to browse our site and visit our job board regularly to review job opportunities. Learn more about Concord University and why it should be a first choice, not only for quality educational opportunities but also for satisfying employment.

Yours in Service,

Daniel “Dan” Fitzpatrick, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer / Chief Human Resources Officer

HR's Mission

The Human Resources Team’s Mission is to recruit, develop, and retain qualified, suitable faculty and staff to meet the University’s strategic imperatives and mission. If you would like to read more about our mission, click here.

Concord University Organizational Chart

Compensation, Benefits, and Perquisites

Concord University
Employee Compensation, Benefits, and Perquisites
It pays to be a Mountain Lion!


Salary and Wages

Concord University’s highly talented and committed faculty, staff, and administrators represent key strengths and a source of competitive advantage in higher education in the region. The university pays competitive salaries and wages to attract, retain, motivate, and reward the type of employees needed to fulfill the mission and goals of the University
In 2017, the University adopted and began implementing market-based compensation practices. These practices included analysis of faculty and staff compensation in similar sized institutions of higher education and developing competitive salary ranges for each position. This continuing initiative helps maintain external competitiveness and internal equity.
As a public agency, Concord University pays salary and wages bi-weekly and in arrears. Salary and wages are paid electronically to the financial institution of the employee’s choice. Salary payments for full-time faculty working 9 to 12 months are spread over 26 pay periods.

Annual Experience Increment Pay

Eligible employees with three or more full years of state service credit receive increment pay annually in the amount of $60 per year of qualifying service. The amount is paid in a lump sum in July of each year.

Industry Leading Employee Benefits

As an employee of Concord University, you will receive a wide array of benefits designed for you and, as applicable, your family. These benefits supplement your salary or wages and may be customized to meet your situation and needs.

Core Benefits for All Employees

All employees, whether full or part-time, receive the following automatic benefits:

Generous Retirement Plan Match and Vesting

TIAA is the benefit provider for the University’s retirement plans and participation in the automatic plan is required for all employees.
The automatic retirement plan is a 401(a) plan into which six (6) percent of the employee's total salary is automatically withheld pre-tax and deposited into the employee’s TIAA retirement account. The university matches the employees 6% contribution. Amounts paid by the employee and matching funds paid by the university are fully vested immediately. The employee may determine how the funds are invested.

Social Security and Medicare

Concord University withholds both Social Security and Medicare taxes from an employee’s wages, The deductions are matched by the University.
  • FICA is the 6.2 percent Social Security tax;
  • FUTA is the 1.45 percent Medicare tax (The law also requires you to pay the employer's portion of two of these taxes:

Workers' Compensation

The University works diligently to protect employees’ health and safety. Workers Compensation benefits are administered for the University by an independent provider.

Unemployment Compensation

The University pays the full cost of this benefit following disbursement by the state of West Virginia.

Other Key Benefits

A staff member regularly working at least 1040 hours annually and faculty working 12 months are considered benefits-eligible.

Affordable Insurance Options

West Virginia Public Employees Group Health Insurance
Employees have a number of options for heath plans for health and medical coverage for themselves and eligible dependents, plus $10,000 basic life insurance for the employee. The employee and the University pay a portion of premiums for the medical coverage. The basic life insurance cost is paid by the University.

Optional Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
The University offers optional insurance coverage amounts available from $5,000 to $500,000 with two different options available for dependent coverage.

Disability Insurance
The University offers voluntary short-term and long term disability insurance coverage.
Long Term Disability: Long term disability insurance is available only upon employment. Premiums vary depending upon age and annual earnings. All employees are strongly encouraged to enroll in the long-term disability plan.
Short Term Disability.  Although non-faculty employees have sick leave, all employees are urged to consider short-term disability insurance. Policy premiums vary depending on employee’s salary. Benefits become payable at the end of the 30-day benefit waiting period.

Mountaineer Flexible Benefits

This is an IRS approved, tax free account that saves money on eligible health, medical, dental, and dependent care expenses. There are a number of benefit options available including: Live Events Insurance, Dental Care, Vision Care, Hearing, Disability insurance (described above), Legal Plan, Medical Expense Flexible Spending Account, and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.

Paid and Unpaid Leave Benefits

  • Holiday Leave – 13 -14 days of paid holiday leave annually
  • Paid Annual Leave (graduated based upon years of service beginning at 1.25 days per month = 15 days annually); 2 days per month, which equals 24 days annually for all non-classified staff);
  • Paid Sick Leave (staff members and faculty working 12 months earn 1.5 days per month);
  • Faculty Sabbatical Leave
  • Family Medical Leave (Federal) and Parental Leave (State)
  • Military Leave
  • Religious Holidays (In accordance with Federal Law)

Tuition and Fee Waivers

Professional development and education opportunities including tuition waiver program for employees, spouse and eligible dependents.

Additional Savings Plans

Supplemental Retirement

The University offers two supplemental retirement savings plans in addition to the regular retirement plan mentioned above.  Contributions to the 457(b) or are made through employee contribution and are not matched by the University.

United States Savings Bond

Concord University participates in the payroll savings plan, which allows payroll deductions to purchase US Savings Bonds.

West Virginia State Employees Credit Union

Membership is available to all state employees.  Deposits may be made through payroll deductions.


CU Fitness Center Membership

On-campus full service fitness center – free access
Walking trails; bike trails, walking track

Child Care

On-campus Early Childhood Development Center – low cost


On-campus parking – low cost ($50 per year)

Food Services

On-campus cafeteria and food court – meal plans available

University Library Privileges

Access to library resources both on and off campus via the internet

University Store

Access to text books, snacks, supplies, and college gear on-campus

University Post Office

Access to on-campus US post office with P.O. Boxes for rent and USPS mailing services

Employee Discounts

Employee Discounts are offered at the Cafeteria, University Bookstore, and for many campus programs and events.

Employee Relations

Concord University
is widely recognized as a great place to work, learn, and serve.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Concord, we value our diverse workforce and are proud of our inclusive community of faculty, staff and students. We strive daily to foster an environment where all are able to pursue their goals and aspirations. As an Equal Opportunity Employer and Affirmative Action Employer (EEO/AA), Concord welcomes applications from all interested individuals, particularly women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

New Employee Onboarding

Office of Human Resources Team recognizes that beginning new employment is often stressful and will help make your transition seamless and smooth. We want to help you get off to a great start in your new role.
Our new employee onboarding process begins with a formal letter of offer from the President of the University, which you will need to sign and return as instructed in the letter. The Office of Human Resources Team will then work with you to complete the onboarding process, including obtaining necessary information to assist you with payroll and benefit enrollment and becoming familiar with the University.
Once you are officially enrolled in the University’s IT system, you will have access to the MyHR portal, which will provide you with a wealth of additional information and resources.

Respectful University

Concord University is a collaborative and respectful university where shared-governance is practiced and professionalism and civility are expected. The HR Team is committed to creating an environment where people respect, listen to, and value one another regardless of their roles and responsibilities. We recognize our success depends on our working together to combine our unique capabilities to advance the mission of the University.

Social Security and Medicare

Consistent with the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), the University withholds 6.2 percent Social Security Tax and 1.45 percent Medicare taxes from an employee’s wages, The deductions are matched by the University.

We are “yours in service to Concord."

Our Staff

Job Opportunities

Concord University is widely recognized as a great place to work, learn, and serve.

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Concord University is widely recognized as a great place to work, learn, and serve.

Concord University HR: We are “yours in service to Concord."