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The Hospitality Management emphasis focuses on the development, practice and management of all aspects of one of the world’s largest economic forces, the hospitality industry. “The tourism industry accounts for 10.4% of the world's GPD, making it one of the largest economic sectors worldwide” (WTTC).  By studying hospitality management, students prepare for careers in hotel, restaurant, attraction, event and service industries. Students interested in the business aspects of tourism, recreation, and hospitality will have the opportunity to specialize in a world-wide, ever-growing business arena.  Beyond business management skills, hospitality students manage the relationship between community and business development, impact how tourism shapes the physical and emotional space associated with a place, and create positive experiences through quality service interactions.

Hospitality Learning Objectives 

Explain the role of a hospitality manager. Demonstrate knowledge and competencies needed to manage service organizations. Introduced in HSP 100, 305
Mastered in HSP 325, 415
Explain the role of the hospitality industry locally, regionally, and globally. To be aware of the many facets of the hospitality industry and their relationship with the local, national, and global economies, environments and communities.
Introduced in HSP 100, 305
Mastered in HSP 325, 415
Develop communication skills appropriate for hospitality industry leadership. To develop an understanding of and awareness of the necessity and requirement of effective managerial and communication skills as essential to each student’s career success. Introduced in HSP 100, 305
Mastered in HSP 325, 415


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