Regents Bachelor of Arts Success Stories

RBA Success Stories

Debra Borders

My name is Debra Borders and I did not take the traditional route of pursuing a college degree upon completion of high school. I chose a job instead of a career. I worked for eighteen years straight at a local hospital and after a medical leave of absence I decided that I wanted to enjoy a career in my next phase of life. I started taking classes at several of the local colleges and universities. Aside from taking college courses; I was busy raising my children, working, and devoting time to helping care for my mother who was battling cancer. I had real world situations happening that I felt strongly about and it took a while for me to finally head out to the completion gate. I had accumulated a great number of credits when I enrolled at Concord. I have a daughter who is enrolled also at Concord and she actually picked up the literature for the RBA Program and thought that it was the ideal program for me. After speaking with the academic advisor for the RBA Program I was convinced that the RBA Program is an excellent degree program for non-traditional students such as myself. The RBA Program allowed me to complete an undergraduate degree with an area of emphasis that I am very passionate about; which is Social Work. My passion in life is in helping others and I am now able to pursue a career in the social services environment. I am also enrolled for the Masters in Health Promotion and I am excited about this next round of higher education attainment. I personally would like to say that the RBA Program is unique and user friendly. The RBA staff are wonderful; in that they help make the program exciting and they address any concerns or questions that one may have. I am glad that the RBA Program was available to me as an adult and non-traditional student. The RBA Program is really great!

Jason Bragg

Jason Bragg is a US Army veteran who completed the RBA degree program at Concord University. After high school, Jason attended one year of college before enlisting in the Army. Between Army deployments, Jason finished two additional years of college. For over half of Jason’s 36 months of active service, he was stationed in Iraq. He returned home in 2010 to meet his infant son for the first time and prepare for life after the military.

At that time, Jason appeared to be more than three full-time semesters away from graduation. Concord’s recognition of military training coupled with the RBA program, however, brought Jason to within seven credit hours of a bachelor’s degree. He completed these classes in one semester and earned the RBA with an Area of Emphasis in Recreation and Tourism Management in December, 2010.

Brenda Jesse

Brenda Jesse is a single mother who worked for 25 years as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. She dreamed of attending graduate school and advancing her career. Over the years, she attended several colleges and amassed a great deal of course credit but family and work responsibilities repeatedly interrupted her progress towards a Bachelor’s degree. RBA program staff reviewed Brenda’s prior college work, identified the Concord classes she needed to complete the RBA and directed her to the financial assistance she needed. After earning the RBA, she was accepted into Concord’s Masters in Health Promotion program and will graduate in May 2012. She plans to continue her career in Occupational Therapy as a Registered Therapist. Brenda’s reflections on the direction her career has taken are inspiring: “I no longer just assist in patient care. I am now a leader in health care and teach what I know to others. The RBA program gave me my start to finally advance after all those years. I am glad that the RBA program was available for me and the support that I got from Concord. Without it, I would not be where I am today!”

Michelle Oxley

Michelle Oxley’s aspirations of being director of a day care center became reality when she received a degree through Concord University’s Regents Bachelor of Arts program.

“At the age of 37, I was finally able to complete a bachelor’s degree,” she said. “This degree has allowed me to obtain a position that I have wanted for many years. It truly has changed my life!”

The RBA program’s flexibility and attention to the needs of the adult learner with family, work, and other obligations make it a suitable option for students like Michelle. “I’m a mother of three, a wife, and work full-time. It definitely made a difference for me,” she said.