Assessment Committee


Contact Information
  • Dr. Kathryn Liptak
  • Assistant Provost 
  • Director of Assessment
  • College of Professional Studies Interim Dean
  • Accreditation Coordinator
  • M.Ed & M.A.T Program Coordinator 
  • (304)384-5155

 Barnes, Cheryl

 Associate Provost

 Beasley, Sarah

 Director of Retention/Student Affairs


 Bennington, Kevin

 Department of Fine Arts

 Boothe, Shea

 Business Office

 Chambers, Kim

 Department of Chemistry, Geology and Physics


Darlington, Lisa

 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

 Falco, Adriana

 Department of Social Sciences

 Fancher, Sarah

 SGA Representative

 Farmer, Blake


 Ford, Thomas

 Department of Biology

 Hoffman, Robert

 Department of Communication Arts

 Liptak, Kathryn

 Director of Assessment

 Lusk, Susie


 McKenna, Thomas

 Department of Humanities

 Meeteer, Wesley

 Department of Heath, Physical Education and Athletic Training/Graduate Programs

 Osborne, Kenneth


 Pendergast, Joan

 Department of Social Work and Sociology

 Robinett, Susan

 Department of Business and Recreation and Tourism Management

Sauchuck, Amanda

 Department of Business and Recreation and Tourism Management

Tabor, Andrea


Tucker, Kathryn

 Department of Education