Explaining Assessment


Contact Information
  • Dr. Kathryn Liptak
  • Assistant Provost 
  • Director of Assessment
  • College of Professional Studies Interim Dean
  • Accreditation Coordinator
  • M.Ed & M.A.T Program Coordinator 
  • (304)384-5155

Concord University assessment process has evolved over the last decade.  The University has focused on the development of programmatic and university-wide assessment based on data collection and analysis.  Assessment was placed under the responsibility of the Vice President of Academic Affairs in 1997.  A Director of Assessment and a University-wide assessment committee with representation from the administration, each of the six academic divisions, as well as from student affairs was charged with oversight of university assessment activities shortly thereafter.  A regular review of programmatic and university assessment was established and implemented at that time. 

In keeping with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission's (WVHEPC) Series 10-Policy Regarding Program Review, Concord University's Board of Governors is responsible for reviewing the viability, adequacy, necessity, and consistency with the University's mission all programs offered by the institution at least once every five years and reporting the results of the program review to the WVHEPC.  The WVHEPC is responsible for reviewing the productivity of the University's academic programs for the purpose of continuing or terminating the program.  In keeping with WVHEPC Policy, approximately 20% of the University's programs are reviewed each year.  (See the Concord University Program Review Schedule).  

Each five-year program review includes a self-study that addresses the University's mission, program faculty, the curriculum, resources, student learning outcomes, other learning and service activities, program viability including five-year trend data on majors and graduates, and recommendations for program improvement. As specified by WVHEPC policy, each five-year program review must be reviewed by an outside evaluator from outside the program or outside the institution, as well as by University administrators, and the institutional governing board.  At Concord, the outside evaluation is conducted by the University Assessment Committee, the Provost and President, and the Concord University Board of Governors.  

In addition to each five-year program review, each academic program is expected to conduct annual program reviews and submit a report to the University Assessment Committee.  These reports use a common template to provide programmatic summary data and analysis for each academic year that is used to inform program faculty and drive indicated changes.

The annual University Assessment reports are reviewed by the University Assessment  Committee and written feedback/recommendations are provided to program department chairs and University administrators.