I Heart CU

Tell us why you love CU!

We know that there are lots of different reasons why people love CU. Choosing one or more of the following options is an easy way to show others your love for Concord!

Garin Justice

Pat Dawson

  1. Through social media
    • Use the images below for your Facebook profile picture, cover photo, Instagram post, etc.                                                                I <3 CU profile picture         I <3 CU cover photo
    • Use the #iheartcu hashtag when posting what you love about Concord
  2. Participate in our I <3 CU campaign by sharing with us why you love Concord
    • Send us a quote about why you love CU to alumni@concord.edu Make sure to include your first name and class year (if applicable)
    • Print out the PDF below and put on paper why you love CU. Take a photo with your paper and email it to alumni@concord.edu                                                                                                                                                                               I <3 CU Sample Picture        I <3 CU Sign
    • Take a short video of yourself telling us in your own words why you love CU. Email the video to alumni@concord.edu
  3. Give a gift to Concord
    • Concord University has given you a lot—an education, lifelong friends, maybe you even met your spouse while at Concord! Show your love for Concord by making a donation to the university and giving back to the school that gave so much to you. You can make your secure gift to the CU Foundation by clicking the link below:
      Send your secure gift