Alumni Directory Project

Concord University / PCI Alumni Directory Project Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a legitimate CU project?

Yes, this project is legitimate. The Concord University Advancement Office has partnered with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to verify and update our alumni database. Even though the postcards, emails and phone calls are coming from PCI they are reaching out to you on behalf of CU.


Why is CU doing this?

Every five years or so, the CU alumni office goes through this process. Alumni information changes so frequently that it is helpful to periodically reach out to ALL alumni to verify that the information in our office is correct. Having current information helps with reporting and helps ensure that alumni are receiving communications from Concord.


Do I have to respond to their communications?

Responding to PCI helps us to verify that the information we have on file for our alumni is accurate so we are encouraging each alum to respond to PCI when they reach out to you.


How did PCI get my information?

The Advancement Office has a standard policy that we do not give out alumni information to anyone. Sharing information with PCI is the only time that we do this and we only do this so that they can reach out to alumni on our behalf to verify our records for us.


What do you do with the information I give to PCI?

PCI sends any updated information back to us and we update our records accordingly. PCI prints an alumni directory for us, which includes information on our alumni. This directory is available for purchase from PCI and they will make this offer during your phone call with them.


Do I have to buy an alumni directory?

You are under no obligation to buy anything from PCI. They will update your record for us regardless of whether you make a purchase or not.


I haven’t heard from PCI yet. Will they contact me?

PCI will be reaching out to all alumni that we have contact information on file for. They will be reaching out via email, postal mail (that little yellow postcard!) and via phone. They are contacting alumni in stages so not all alumni will be contacted at the same time.


If you have additional questions about the project please contact the Alumni Office at or 304-384-5348.