Concord Pride: Our Traditions

Our Traditions

Alma Mater

The Concord University Alma Mater is performed by Sherman Brown, vocalist, with Carolyn Worley playing keyboard. Click here to download MP3 to hear the Alma Mater. Several formats and file sizes are provided as a convenience to you.

Original lyrics for the the Alma Mater are by Andrew Kozak. In 2004, Dr. Elizabeth Roth, assistant professor of English, updated the lyrics to reflect the institution's new name, "Concord University."  Click here to download the sheet music.

Campus Beautiful

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Concord's Fight Song

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Let's win this game
Go onward warriors go
Never to yield a victory to the foe
On to the goal a gain on every play
Let's Fight, Fight and win this game
The same old Way

Onward, Men Of Concord
(Old Concord Fight Song)

Onward, Men Of Concord! Onward, Thru that line!
Dare one man to falter? Never! Mountain Lion!
Let your manhood weaken: Victory we cry, --
All for one and one for all – Yours to do or die!
Onward, sons of Concord, Fight! In every play,
For your pride – your honor – Fight! Maroon and Gray!

The Pines

The pines that dot the “Campus Beautiful” have long been a symbol of Concord University.  Pine groves provided shelter from harsh winter winds. Couples walked hand-in-hand through the pines going to and coming from classes or the library.

The pines were planted in the spring of 1915 as a wind break. In time the pines became the splendor of the campus and symbol of the university. (From the Pines)

Mr. Delford Lee Cottrill’s agriculture and botany classes obtained the trees and planted them.  When the Student Center Building was erected, some of the trees were cut.  The State Room and Alumni Lounge are paneled in lumber from these trees.

Professor of Geography, Emeritus, R.T. Hill penned Tall Grow the Pines:
Tall grow the pines, their branches weaving the wind into whispers;
Tall grow the pines, their needles scenting the air.
Dark green are the pines, and darker green their shadows,
Shading curving sidewalks and speckling red brick buildings.
Tall green trees, shaded curving walks and red brick buildings
This is a university campus, a place for learning,
This is the Campus Beautiful, Concord University.

A university is people who labor and plan and dream,
A university is for those who plan, who look into the future.
A university is for those who dare to hope for something better.
In looking towards the future, the past should not be forgotten.
For those who planted seedling pines planted the pines for us.
Those who dreamed of a greater university passed their hope on to us.

School Colors

The Concord University colors are maroon and gray.  A song printed in the 1927 Pine Tree Yearbook mentioned the colors:

Old Concord is the Place for Me

Old Concord is the place for me, place for me, place for me;
Her life is full of jollity, jollity;
Just as we love the golden rule,
So do we love our dear old school.

Her profs. They are the proper stuff, proper stuff,
They give us lessons long and tough, long and tough,
And yet they’re loved by every one
Who is a loyal Concord son.

We’re for our dear Maroon and Gray;
We win new victories every day,
To always do our very best,
Is the motto for our C.S.C. (Concord State College, now Concord University.)