Program Goals

All students graduating from the Biology programs at Concord University are expected to meet the following objectives:

(1) Obtain broad content knowledge in biology

  • gain conceptual knowledge at the different levels of biological organization (molecular, cellular, organismal, ecological)
  • demonstrate a knowledge of form and function across taxa
  • be able to compare and contrast features of living organisms, acknowledging common origins and evolutionary differences
  • apply concepts of all STEM fields to the biological sciences

(2) Acquire the ability to interpret, conduct, and communicate scientific research

  • demonstrate an ability to search and understand the primary literature 
  • ability to investigate scientific question with appropriate experimental design
  • demonstrate a mastery of laboratory and field techniques 
  • ability to collect, analyze and interpret scientific data
  • to effectively communicate scientific information

(3) Obtain skills that prepare students for health professional school, graduate school, or a job in a STEM field after graduation

  • critically examine and apply evidence-based reasoning
  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • demonstrate an understanding of ethical and professional standards in the field

 (4) Demonstrate commitment to community service and public health and well-being

  • demonstrate commitment to the community by engaging in activities from the following categories:
    • course related community service activities
    • student club and organization activities
    • community organization activities
    • professional shadowing

(5) Consistent with the liberal arts philosophy, students will understand the interrelationship between science and society

  • effectively communicate science to a general audience
  • articulate the relevance of biology to society
  • examine the ethical dimensions of biological issues