Financial Benefits

Each Bonner Scholar receives $1250 per semester. These funds are paid directly to the student according to the following schedule: 

  1. The first payment of $450 is available at the beginning of each semester. The student must submit an approved agency agreement in order to receive these funds. 
  2. The second payment of $400 is available at mid-term. To receive this payment, the student must be up-to-date with all Bonner requirements, have all appropriate paperwork submitted and must attend a scheduled appointment with the Bonner Coordinator. 
  3. The third payment is also for $400 and is available on the last day of the semester, after the student has submitted all documentation and requirements for the semester. (Students who've not completed all service requirements or fulfilled all Bonner expectations may receive deductions from this final payment.)

Bonner Scholars are expected to complete two summer service internships of at least 280 hours each. For completing each of these summer internships, the student will receive $1500 at the end of each summer of service. 

There are also expense funds available to help students pay for any direct expenses related to their summer internships (food, lodging, travel, etc.) The amount of expense money available for the first summer is $1,000 and any funds not used during this summer will be carried forward to the second summer. During the second summer, the student will have access to another $1,000, plus any funds not used during the first summer. 

There are also additional funding sources established byt the Bonner Foundation that may be available to the student upon application. 

Upon completion of the Bonner Scholars Program as a student in good standing and completing his or her degree requirements, a Bonner Scholar can apply for up to $2000 from the Bonner Foundation. If a student has outstanding school loans these funds must be used for loan repayment. If the student does not have any outstanding loans, then the funds may be used for graduate school expenses.