Student Payroll

Concord provides employment opportunities for students who are U.S. citizens and Internationals.  Take note that paperwork required for U.S. and International students is different.  To determine what paperwork you are required to have, look at the appropriate headings of each section to determine that you are completing the correct paperwork.

Student Employment Handbook

New Student Employees

If a student is working on campus and they have not previously worked on campus, they must complete the following packet.

New Hire Paperwork with I-9: This packet must be completed and turned in in its entirety before the student can begin working.  The student must also bring a voided check and their social security card and a photo ID to be copied to be kept on file. The checklist provided in the packet can aid in determining acceptable forms of ID for the Employee Eligibility Verification form I-9; and, to accompany the Direct Deposit form.

Time Card:  Until Students are in the Kronos Clock System, they are required to fill out a time card and have it approved, signed, submitted by their supervisor.

Returning Students

Students returning to the same job as the previous semester must complete the following packet.

Returning Hire Paperwork: This packet is for all returning students to their job in the previous semester.  This packet must be filled out and returned to Shea Boothe along with any new/changed documents as applicable (new/updated ID, new bank account, etc).


International Students (New and Returning)

The Internal Revenue Service requires that international students, who wish to be considered for tax exemption, complete Form 8233 each calendar year and submit the Form 8233 to the Student Payroll Office. This form can be found on the Internal Revenue Services website ( Publication 901 details the countries with an existing tax treaty with the United States. Tax treaties offer a reduced rate, or possibly a complete exemption, from United States income tax withholding for residents of a particular country.

Time Clock

All students are required to be put into Kronos, the time clock system of Concord University, in order to clock in and out of their job.  Each student will be required to create a WV Oasis account in order to approve their electronic time card.  Each student will be required to have their Supervisor approve and submit their time card, directions are given in the New Student Hire Paperwork.  The dates that the electronic time card must be approved is posted in the Payroll Approval Dates document below.

Payroll Approval Dates: This document shows the Pay Period, the Approval Date and Pay Day for the current year.

Biweekly Pay 2017:  This document shows the current year Pay Days and Holidays observed for Concord University.

Students with Multiple Jobs

Kronos is set up to where an employee ID can only be assigned to one job ID meaning that Kronos can only have one job per student. If any student has more than one job on campus, they must fill out a time card for each additional job.  The appropriate supervisor must approve, sign, and submit the time card to the Payroll Office.

Supervisor Forms Only

The following forms are used for supervisors only. 

Supervisor's EZ Returning Student Form

Supervisor's Student Payroll Termination Form

Shea Boothe
Interim Business Manager I
Marsh Hall 219
(304) 384-5272