Form WV-96:  The Agreement Addendum contains the controlling terms in the event of a conflict between the agreement & addendum.

Form WV-48:  The State of West Virginia Purchasing Division Agreement identifies details the Vendor and what services they will be performing for the Agency.  It must be filled out in full and signed by both the Agency and the Vendor.  This form also contains the general terms and conditions of the contract and purchase order agreement.

Form W-9:  Form W-9 that can be requested by the University in order to obtain an individual's/entity's (typically a vendor) correct taxpayer identification number (TIN).  This form is only filled out by the individual/entity and returned to the University.

Drug Free Conformance Affidavit:  In order to meet WV Code Provisions, this form is completed and submitted with the bid by the company placing the bid to inform the University that they are in compliance with West Virginia Code § 21-1D.

Vendor Registration Form : As per West Virginia Code §5A‐3‐12, this form needs to be completed in its entirety to be able to participate in the bidding process.

Andrea Webb
Business Manager II
Marsh Hall 222