Accounts Payable

Purchasing Card


Form W-9:  Form W-9 that can be requested by the University in order to obtain an individual's/entity's (typically a vendor) correct taxpayer identification number (TIN).  This form is only filled out by the individual/entity and returned to the University.

Employee Reimbursement

Travel Form - This form is reimbursement of Travel Expenses that are incurred while performing regular duties for the University as set forth in an employee's job description as necessary.

Employee Reimbursement Request Form This form is for reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by consultants, contractors, and non-employees that are in accordance with the rules. This form addresses such areas as transportation, lodging, meals, registration fees, other expenses, and forms of payment.

Hillary Williams
Senior Accountant
Marsh Hall 223B
(304) 384-5127