Welcome to the Department of Business

Housed in the Nick Rahall Technology Center, the Department of Business at Concord University is known for offering quality degrees in accounting, finance, management, and marketing, in addition to business education.  Concord's accounting graduates have distinguished themselves for many years by earning high pass rates on the CPA examination among state colleges and universities in West Virginia.  Our graduates can be found in positions of leadership in major corporations and public institutions with careers that span the globe and whose influence extends Concord’s reputation wherever they lead.  Our graduates are also highly successful in continuing their education by attaining graduation degrees from intuitions throughout the region and across the nation.

We are dedicated to providing the best business education available through the efforts of highly credentialed and active faculty members who are recognized for contributions in their respective fields and who believe teaching comes first. Further, we are committed to cultivating within our students an appreciation of global perspectives so that they can go forward in their careers with an understanding of the interdependence of economies in the world today.  Our faculty offer students opportunities to develop leadership abilities and stress teamwork and ethics in coursework.

The Department's Symposium Series gives students the opportunity to hear from and meet successful business leaders working in local, state, national and international organizations.  Students are invited to attend Career Day events arranged throughout the year by our Career Center staff and to meet locally with active alumni who are eager to help improve students' career pursuits.  Through participation in our business student organizations, students are provided with a variety of learning and networking opportunities.  Organized field trips to local, regional, national, and international businesses can be available to participating members in order to gain firsthand knowledge of their operations and to learn more about the business environments of which they may one day be a part.  The Department also has a very active Business Advisory Council (BAC) with representation from local to international businesses. The BAC is very dedicated to providing students with learning and networking opportunities, also.

Choosing Concord University is the right decision!  If you are a prospective student, please contact us and let us tell you about our excellent programs.  If you are a current student, we are proud to have you be a part of our Department of Business family.  If you are an alum or friend of the Department, please send us your contact information so we can seek your input and get you involved with our students.

Remember, at Concord’s Department of Business you can always expect a quality educational experience.