Student Activities

RTM students have so much fun while earning their degree at Concord University. What students learn in the classroom is only the first step. From there, they have the opportunity to go on field trips, conduct research, participate in international student exchange programs and so much more. Below are some of our popular student activities. Let what you are passionate about guide your time at Concord. 


Adventure Programming

As part of our emphasis on "learning by doing," RTM students go on many field trips. Imagine spending the day with your classmates high up in the trees while you learn to navigate obstacles, work together and overcome your fears. Best of all, imagine earning college credit while doing it!



Caving Trips

From high in the trees to deep underground, the RTM program has something for all of our students. Students safely and responsibly explore limestone caverns in the region. While visiting places like Pig Hole Cave, students get their hands dirty as they examine geological formations and learn caving navigation techniques. 



Russia Student Exchange Program

For students interested in a career in international tourism, RTM has developed an exchange program with Volga State University of Technology located in the Mari-El Republic of Russia. Students and faculty have the opportunity to go to Russia and learn about their culture while students and faculty from VSUT come to Concord to learn about ours. This exchange of ideas is a wonderful benefit and opportunity for students. 



Student Research

RTM students are encouraged to conduct independent and original research in areas that are important to them. Working under the supervision of faculty, students have the opportunity to present their work at venues including regional conferences and Concord University Undergraduate Research Day.