Resources & Activities

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Business Internship Program

Internships are strongly recommended for all Business majors. These unique experiences provide excellent forums for students to apply theoretical knowledge to a business environment, work with the latest technology, improve communication skills, and build confidence in themselves and their abilities. Review the Internship Packet for all of the requirements. Click here for more information.

For questions concerning how to go about obtaining an internship, talk with your advisor, or contact Dr. Susan Robinett at or 304-384-5321

Business Symposium Lecture Series

We offer students a "real" world view into their chosen career areas, through the Department sponsored Symposium Lecture Series each semester. We have had many local, regional, and national leaders speak on topics and our students have benefitted by the insight business people can provide from beyond the classroom. You can view archived presentations here.

RTM Course Descriptions

The RTM side of the department has tons of classes available for the course. Click here for more information.

RTM Internship Program

The RTM program at Concord University places an emphasis on students learning by doing. Our internship program is key to that idea. Click here for more information.


The Department of Business has several named scholarships that eligible students can apply for, most during their junior year. Click here for more information.