July 2015: Sam Farley ‘74

I work for AMECO (American Equipment Company Inc.) based in Greenville, SC and we provide rental equipment and tools on large construction projects or large industrial complexes literally around the world. We span the needs of contractors, military clients, and industrial firms from a screw driver to a 300 ton crane.

My job is to sell aged or idle equipment of every type from any location. I also evaluate equipment that we may buy used for our needs or if we take over a fleet of equipment for a client.  In the last year I have sold equipment located in Houston, Fort Worth, the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, Mexico City, Dubai, the Netherlands, Canada, and Jamaica. Our buyers have been from Iraq, Dubai, Canada, US, Mexico, Ghana, Ireland, New Zealand and other countries.

            As a young student at Concord (1969-1974), I never dreamed of the opportunities I might have as the future unfolded. I have spent my work career in the equipment business in various roles such as parts runner, truck parts salesman, tractor trailer driver, warehouse manager, truck salesman, parts manager, branch manager, and equipment sales person. My work experiences have taken me from the hills of WV to a mine 10,000 ft underground in Ontario, Canada. I have seen the sun set over Manila Bay and the sun rise on the Sakhalin Island of Russia. I have inspected equipment on a bauxite mine in Jamaica and the landfill in Amman Jordan. I have been privileged to stand when Moses looked across into the “Promised Land” from Mount Nebo and knelt at the Altar of Peace on the Island Fortress of Corregidor.

            Let me recommend the construction business as a field of opportunity with dozens of avenues to pursue. Even in a slow economy there are machines to be repaired, parts to be sold, trades to be made, roads to be built, and wars to be fought. The ability and the desire to travel, work hard, be cooperative, and keep a good outlook will serve you well in this industry.

            My education at Concord that encompassed both general liberal arts & business has been very helpful.  Business Law, Constitutional Law, Business Math, World Cultural Geography (from R. T. Hill), Accounting, and Statistics are all very important in my day to day business dealings.  Just as important, in a different way, are the social skills learned playing cards in the student union, dating, playing sports, and sharing fun activities. These parts of your college life teach you how to build friendships over coffee, support others in emotional times (the break ups), work as a team, and learn how to “read” people.

An education from Concord University is a great tool that provides you with a good foundation for the future. It is up to you to use your tools in such a way as to hone your interests & abilities to make you successful and to help you overcome the failures or setbacks that you will experience in your career. The business world is indeed a global marketplace and you must determine how you will function in our changing economy.

Sam Farley is a 1974 graduate of Concord College with over 40 years of experience in heavy equipment and trucks.