August 2015: Melanie Daniels ‘04

Photo of Melanie Daniels

As I’m thinking about all the advice I could give you, I can hear my mom’s voice saying, “Be Kind” over and over as I’m typing this.  That was my mom’s advice for everything.  If I had a date-be kind.  Nervous about a new class-be kind.  Upset when others weren’t so nice-be kind.  I can remember as a young child hearing those words again and again.  No matter what the situation or experience, her guidance was always the same. 

As you enter my office, I have a huge picture that states “Work Hard, Be Kind and Amazing Things Will Happen.”  Now that I lead a school, I say these words to my staff and students daily. This would be my advice to you as well.  These two simple tasks are ever so important in our daily lives that we sometimes forget-

WORK HARD and BE KIND: these are relevant in all aspects of your life in order to be successful.

Be kind

Be kind even when others aren’t kind to you, when you’re having a tough day or just got bad news.  Being kind to others is sometimes very difficult but a true testament to true success.  Be kind to everyone-you never know the battles they are facing, or who will be your boss one day!

Work hard. 

Work hard at your job.  Don’t just go to work and barely slide by to get a paycheck.  Go out on a limb and take an extra project or volunteer time for something you feel is important. Putting your ‘all’ into something will make you feel great as well! Work hard in your relationships. Saving time and spending time with the ones you care most about is often tough when trying to juggle everything in life.  This isn’t easy and takes hard work to align everything to make it work.  Doing this is a must!  Work hard at taking time for yourself as well.  Planning much-needed trips or scheduling “me time” is something that is needed as well.  Staying healthy and keeping yourself happy and motivated is also hard to do if you don’t work at doing it. 

In your career and in your life, staying kind and working hard are the two things, I believe, will get you the farthest in any endeavor.  Keep these in mind and you never know what amazing things will come!