December 2015: Genevieve Hatcher ‘14

I want to say thank you for the opportunity to write this blog and also to congratulate the new graduates as they start their new journey to succeed and show their mountain lion pride! When I was asked to write this I felt honored and then was at a loss of what to even say to students of Concord when I was just one a little over a year ago. I remember the opportunities that I always accepted when I was a student-- even though it wasn’t required I still volunteered. In the working world you will always hear that in order to receive an amazing job it’s the connections you make and they aren’t fully wrong in stating that. In my short 2 year work history I accepted the first job that was offered to me before I graduated. I sometimes look back and wonder if I should have kept looking to see if something better was offered instead of jumping at the first one. I worked with Enterprise rent-a-car as my first job for a year and within that year I grew with the company as a management trainee to a management assistant then to an assistant manager. With the connections I made within the company (which one was also a Concord graduate) I was able to be promoted 3 times within a year. I felt pretty accomplished but thought I was suited for a better job and with another connection I made I was offered a better job for more money which I love and is what I do today! I am currently a loan processor with a mortgage company which most people would say is an odd switch in job fields. I look at it as an opportunity to gain more experience and learn new skills. Referring back to always volunteering in college even though it didn’t benefit me, I was able to learn new skills, make connections, and was offered much more than just an education. I am confident enough to say with my connections I have made so far I know that I can rely on referrals from others and my skills set to succeed in anything I do. My advice to students is to always work hard (even though we always hear it from our parents) because it will show, maybe not now but later in life, always say yes to an opportunity so you may be able to grow as a person, always search for the best offer as that is what you deserve. My motto for life is everything happens for a reason and that reason may be for you to better yourself for your future. Congratulations to all graduates and always succeed in what you do.