Hire a CU Intern

Concord University is excited to partner with businesses for internships for our students!  We are looking for internships to get our students on-site experience in a professional setting. 

If your business is interested in partnering with Concord University please email careerservices@concord.edu for more information.

When hiring our students please remember:

  • Our interns should not be used as free labor.
  • Your responsibility is to find meaningful experiences to enrich each student's college experience.
  • Typically interns work 8-15 hours per week so they may continue to carry a full class load.
  • While there are exceptions, many interns are compensated for time with wages from $10-$15 an hour

Internship Guidelines

Consider your organization's ability to provide meaningful and professional experiences for students.

Consider who in your organization will have the time and resources to dedicate to helping an intern.

Who will be developing learning objectives and setting goals for your intern.

Hiring a CU intern

Please provide an overview of your company and a job description to careerservices@concord.edu.  Indicate the compensation, location and time commitment involved in your offering.