Searching for an Internship

Use Your Brainstorming Ideas

From your brainstorming activities in the getting started section, you should have a list of companies to start contacting.  If the companies do not have specific information about hiring interns, you can contact human resources and ask them about internship opportunities. 

Visit Career Services

Once you have a list of companies you would like to work for as an intern, you can contact Career Services for help.  If you have companies that do not have information on internships Career Services can contact them on your behalf.

Think Outside the Box

Not all accountants work for Big Four Firms.  What other companies need accountants?  Apply this logic to your field of interest and you will come up with a lot more ideas for places to seek internships.

Ask Professors

Again, ask your professors.  They are a great resource.  Professors work with industry experts and can help provide you with contacts.  Many of them also worked outside of academia and have many contacts in many different fields.

Use the Internet

Again, the internet is a great resource to find and apply for internships!

Think About the People You Know

Think about the people that you know in the community or back home.  Do any of them hold the job you dream about having once you are out of school?  If so, start networking with them and let them know you are interested in their field.  They can give you direction on how to break into their industry and who to contact regarding internships at their company or in their industry.