Career Fair

What is a Career Fair?

A Career Fair is like speed dating for organizations who are looking for full-time, part-time and summer employees as well as interns and volunteers.  Graduate schools also attend to recruit students for their graduate programs.

What happens at a Career Fair?

Potential employers and Graduate Schools set up tables or booths and attendees walk around and collect information from the organizations that are of interest.  You can talk with recruiters and ask questions about their organizations.

Should I bring my resume to the Career Fair?

Yes! If you are actively seeking employment or an internship you should come with copies of your resume.

Where can I go to get help with my resume?

Career Services is eager to help with your resume.  You may email a resume for review to  Look for Resume Tips presentations on campus. You may also go to the Resume Guide to get started.

What should I wear to a Career Fair?

Dress for success!!!  Although this is not a formal interview, it is a first impression.  Dress conservatively in professional clothing that you would wear to a job. Don't forget to smile, make eye contact and have a firm handshake.

What should I say to recruiters?

This is an opportunity to let potential employers learn a little bit about you.  Work on a short sales pitch describing how what you have learned will work for their company.  Also, be prepared to answer questions from recruiters regarding your skills, what you know about their company, why you want to work for them, your career goals and why you chose your profession.  You can ask questions fo them too!  For example, describe an ideal candidate for this job, how soon will you fill this job, what do you like most about your company, describe company culture and management style, etc.

Should I follow up with recruiters after the Career Fair?

YES! It is important to follow up with recruiters you spoke with at the Career Fair.  It is best to send a hand written not thanking them for chatting with you and letting them know you look forward to learning more about the opportunities at their company.  If appropriate you should restate your wish for a formal interview.  If for some reason you can't send a handwritten note, it is suggested you follow up with an email.