April 2016: Jordan Manning ‘15

Photo of Jordan Manning

If someone would have told me four and a half years ago that life after college would be simple, I would have laughed in their face! Thankfully though, four and a half years ago I decided to attend Concord University. My time at CU seemed to fly by, but I wouldn’t trade those years for anything!

I recently graduated from Concord with an Elementary Education degree. Immediately after graduation, I began as a substitute teacher in my home county of Wyoming, in West Virginia. I stayed fairly busy, and enjoyed the work I was doing.  I recently accepted an open position at a local elementary school in Title 1.  Title 1 is the best of both worlds! I get to enrich the ELA and Math curriculum for struggling students, but I also get to be heavily involved in community outreach and parental support of our great school!

I feel my time at CU in organizations like Sigma Sigma Sigma, Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (ALEF), and the Bonner Scholar Program truly prepared me for this very job! My courses at CU prepared me completely for the teaching aspects, but the administrative parts had me nervous! Thankfully, being a Sigma sorority Woman, an ALEF Fellow, and a Bonner Scholar gave me key skills I needed. Skills like event planning, time management, community service, communication skills, and the art of delegation came into play perfectly for this job. Those combined with my courses made this job a perfect fit for me.

I was blessed to find such steady work quickly after my Fall 2015 graduation, and I was even more blessed to be prepared for it thanks to my grand Concord University experience. From day one at CU you hear, “Come to Learn, Go to Serve”, and that could not be truer! I chose Concord University to learn, but it sent me out ready to serve!