MSW Case Manager (Wheeling, WV)

Job Name: 
MSW Case Manager (Wheeling, WV)
Job Description: 

The Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless

Job Description

WV MSW-Case Manager

Reports to: Executive Director

Supervises: N/A

Purpose: To implement and evaluate components of each of the Coalition’s programs, as they relate to the delivery of direct service to the homeless and with regard for specified criteria. The Case Manager interfaces with clients relative to their program participation and the assessment process. The position requires a West Virginia master’s in social work license.

ESSENTIAL TASKS OF THE POSITION (The following is intended to be illustrative, not all inclusive):

  1. Coordinate activities of the programs, carrying out program goals and sub-functions
  2. Perform individual and family assessments to begin the transition from homeless to independence by identifying specific needs and conditions of the household
  3. Provide specialized services on an individual basis or in groups to foster housing stability and personal growth. This includes, but is not limited to: becoming a SOAR trained representative; providing job readiness; life skills development; developing a plan for health and wellness; financial management; housing advocacy; facilitating information and referral; and offer linkage to all mainstream resources
  4. Collaborate with the Community Engagement Program and the Specialists to carry out and coordinate services in that program
  5. Monitor clients in a comprehensive follow-up program to ensure self-sufficiency and success
  6. Advise clients on self-improvement plans and regularly evaluate progress toward established goals through personal contact, either through home visits or in the office. The mechanism to develop the plan is the individualized service plan (ISP). The client and the Case Manager must develop, implement and regularly revise program specific individualized service plans (ISP) that should focus on:
    1. furnishing linkage and referral to all external and internal services and supports identified in the service plan
    2. providing advocacy to ensure continuity and integration of services
    3. monitoring and documenting progress
    4. aiding with the access of crisis support services with crisis intervention
    5. helping with the development of a budget to be reviewed/revised monthly
    6. developing problem solving skills and coping techniques
    7. assisting with transportation to related service needs
    8. securing and maintaining permanent housing as quickly as possible
  7. Establish and maintain a database of housing options for the clients. This includes establishing rapport with housing providers/landlords and communicating the goals of the programs and the organization with the necessary parties
  8. Participate in a three pronged approach toward outreach: client focused street canvass, landlord and community partnership formation
  9. Review, maintain, and implement all appropriate program service policies and procedures. Keep informed of applicable regulations and guidelines for the programs and adequately document those changes in the programming manuals of the organization. Implement regulations and notices from governmental and regulatory agencies and submit such, in a (written) timely manner to the Executive Director
  10. Assist in the establishment of program goals, objectives and outcomes for review and approval. Continue on a monthly basis, to report on outcomes to the Executive Director
  11. Assist with the sustainability of the organization and programs by providing programmatic information consisting of, but not limited to: data reports, success stories, trend analysis, community developments and resources
  12. Assist in the coordination of work activities for all programs within the Coalition or outside agencies to prevent delays in actions required or to improve services to clients or agency operations, including full participation with the case management team, Centralized Intake and Assessment, front desk coverage and other relevant assignments
  13. Work efficiently with other personnel to ensure the seamless delivery of service, maintain quality programming, reflect the mission of the organization and support leadership
  14. Work under the supervision and authorization of the Executive Director to provide task supervision for non-licensed staff in order to gain provisional LSW and task supervision of interns in need of an MSW and serve as per the Executive Director’s request signature agent for agency developed continuing education courses
  15. Maintain confidentiality of client information, processes, and data, which would be damaging if not properly safeguarded
  16. Provide information, referral, and follow-up to local service providers to ensure that program participants are linked to appropriate supportive services to achieve self-sufficiency
  17. Develop linkage with outside agencies to allow our clients to participate in training workshops in various disciplines such as: homemaking skills, credit counseling and budgeting, educational and job opportunities, nutrition, parenting, health care, child care, support services, home buyer education, and entrepreneurial business development
  18. Complete regular reports on program status, track aggregate data on program achievements, and prepare annual reports for submission to funding sources and supervisor, as requested
  19. Coordinate with all federal, state, and local governmental agencies to carry out the program goals
  20. Fully utilize the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) according to all policies and procedures. This involves, in part: conducting Centralized Intake and Assessment in a point in time fashion, entering updated data at each session, running reports, using all agency assigned assessment tools, and communicating issues to the designated staff
  21. Participate in mandatory organizational activities, trainings and meetings as assigned, such as: staff meetings, fundraising, street outreach, Point In Time Count, Continuum of Care activities and group client meetings


  • Complete all necessary reporting, documentation and record keeping
  • Conduct research, assemble and analyze data and information
  • Work with diverse groups of people, reflecting professionalism
  • Complete special projects, as assigned
  • Apply a working knowledge of computer software, typing, data bases, emails and on-line activities
  • Perform other duties, as assigned, within the job classification


Education Level: Master’s in Social Work with a social work licensure OR proof from the WV Board of Social Work Examiners written proof of license eligibility

Experience in Related Field 

Experience in addressing needs of homeless families or individuals, preferred

Knowledge, Abilities and Attributes

  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people and speak to a variety of audiences, both individually and in groups. May include organizing and presenting workshops, public presentations, and individual presentations
  • Develop and utilized a working knowledge of existing supportive services for homeless/low income families
  • Provide research, assemble data and analyze results
  • Work harmoniously with all agency personnel in a team driven atmosphere
  • Willingness to interact with clients in residential and office settings
  • Transport clients and travel for business, as necessary, in an owned and insured vehicle
  • Advocate for clients to a variety of audiences to enable them to become self-sufficient
  • Reflect the philosophic principals necessary to provide services to those in poverty and afflicted with addiction and mental health conditions, including severe trauma
  • Maintain a high degree of personal flexibility to accommodate changing regulations and policies
  • Motivate, maintain and monitor a diverse and demanding caseload
  • Capability to multi-task assignments at a fast pace while maintaining a calm demeanor
  • Dependable on a daily basis and punctual
  • Maintain confidentiality of client information, agency processes and all data
  • Work as a team member in an environment which fosters input and critical thinking in solving social issues funded through the governmental and public sector
  • Accept constructive criticism as a necessary stage of professional growth
  • Proven ability to perform duties with minimal supervision and no clerical support, reflecting attributes of an independent worker and self-starter
  • Fluency in spoken and written English with excellent grammar
  • Highly organized and precise on every level
  • Skillful at making applicants, participants and the community comfortable with participating in the programs and possess the ability to generate enthusiasm among all
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in all assignments; work harmoniously with other agency personnel; be flexible and perform work under time pressure; handle multiple deadlines and tasks simultaneously
  • Possess strong applied mathematical skills: real numbers, fractions, percentages, ratios and compile, compute and present statistical information
  • Competency in operating all office equipment: computers, printers, scanner, fax and multi-line telephone with a hands free device

Working Conditions

  • Work in an office and/or residential environment in all weather conditions (hot, cold, humid, dry, wet)
  • Travel about the state to attend meetings and locally for appointments

Physical Demands

  • Strength: Lift 40 pounds or more unassisted
  • Type: Moderate levels of physical work ability. Ability to lift, push, pull or otherwise carry objects associated with normal house-keeping duties. Work involves walking, bending, reaching and standing. Sedentary periods of an entire shift are common

Work Schedule

  • Ability to work a 40 hour week, during stipulated business hours
  • Must have the ability to work non-traditional hours, including evenings
  • Participate in an on-call rotation

Equipment Used

  • Competency in utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, on-line appointments, an HMIS or equivalent system, scanners, printers, and general office equipment including multi-line telephone and fax.
  • Must have access to a vehicle with a valid driver’s license and the state required minimum of insurance

Salary range starting at $37,000.  Apply prior to December 21, 2017 by emailing full cover letter, resume and references to