February 2015: Jenni Radford Canterbury ‘00

Maximize your college experience and prepare for your career

I’ve spent most of my career working in higher education, and I’ve worked with hundreds of students. I’ve had wonderful educational and career opportunities, and Concord helped me establish my foundation.

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, I can offer a few tips on maximizing your college experience and preparing for your career:

  1. Seek opportunities to learn new things. Not sure what you want to major in? That’s ok. The best way to find a career path is by exploring topics and areas that interest you. Even if you’ve decided on a major, I encourage you to take electives in different areas to build your knowledge and skills. Keep in mind that your class projects can make excellent work samples.
  2. Get involved. From the Student Government Association (http://concorduniversitysga.weebly.com/get-involved.html)to Communication Workshops to Student Organizations (http://www.concord.edu/userfiles/files/student-life/Student_Organizations_2014-2015.pdf), Concord offers many opportunities for you to get involved in the community and meet other people. As a student at Concord, I was an SGA representative, a member of the Concordian Newspaper staff and Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society. My involvement helped me to gain experience and meet new people who later became valuable business contacts.
  3. Set goals, but know that it’s ok to change your mind. In order to be productive, set goals (outside of grades and completing course work) and work to meet them. Along the way, your plans may change, but the ability to set goals, obtain resources and implement a plan will help you no matter your career.
  4. Take advantage of office hours. Concord faculty members are a great resource. Use office hours to ask questions about assignments, courses, continuing your education, internships and employment opportunities. I learned a great deal from talking with my professors outside of the classroom, and today, I feel fortunate to call those same professors my friends.

Jenni (Radford) Canterbury is a 2000 graduate of Concord College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts (http://catalog.concord.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=3&poid=249&returnto=147) and a 2002 graduate of Emerson College with a Master of Arts in Global Marketing, Communication and Advertising. She has over 12 years experience teaching and working in public relations and marketing. She recently joined the communication team at New River Community and Technical College as Public Relations Manager.