Communication Arts and Media is a dynamic, exciting major that has a variety of areas for you to explore as you get ready for your future career. As a Communication Major, you will be equipped with a broad base of knowledge as well as hands-on training in a wide variety of communication fields, preparing you for many career paths after you graduate. We provide a well-rounded education for an increasingly diverse communication and media landscape.

Every Communication Major will take a core of classes in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Basic Journalism, as well as selecting a series of theory classes in things like Mass Communication, Public Relations, Persuasion, Organizational Communication, or Acting.  Then students will chose a specialization in at least one of the following emphases:  Broadcasting, Broadcast Meteorology, Public Relations, Journalism, Speech Communication, and/or Theatre. Sometime in your Junior or Senior year, we will work with you to find an Internship in your field to help give you a leg up as you search for a job.

Our mission is to provide students an education that helps them become technically-sound, rhetorically-competent, and ethically-minded so they can be well equipped for careers in communication fields throughout the United States and the World. Towards this end, we provide many workshops for you to experience different fields and get first-hand experience. Enjoy journalism? The Concordian, our student newspaper, is available on-line and in print. Dreamed of having your own radio show? Tune in to WVCU 97.7 FM "Mt. Lion Radio," our licensed radio station, and hear our students at work. Want to be an anchor on the network news? The WMLT workshop produces a weekly news broadcast on West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Want to promote a business someday? Write press releases and promote Fine Arts events in the Public Relations Workshop. Do you enjoy the stage? Then join the Theatre workshop and participate in one of our one-act plays or the campus musical. Really you have so many options, we hope you will find a variety of ways to meet the mission of the university: Come to Learn, Go to Serve!

If you have any questions please contact the Communication Arts and Media department at 304-384-5275 or Dr. Cory Williams at 304-384-6041 or  We look forward to having you in our program!