Frequently Asked Questions

If I give to the Foundation, am I still giving to Concord University?

  • Yes. The Foundation is the fundraising arm of the University. The Foundation exists for the exclusive benefit of Concord University. The Foundation's executive director manages the operations of the Foundation.

How can I be sure that the Foundation will make wise investments?

  • The Board of Directors is made up of top business leaders from across the country: financial planners, bank executives and investment counselors, who are dedicated to putting their extensive skills to work for you and for Concord University.

What services can the Foundation provide?

  • The Foundation offers comprehensive planned giving services and our staff is available to help you understand how the Foundation can benefit you at tax time. Contact the Foundation office for more information at 304-384-6056.

How can I give to the Foundation?

Here are just a few of the options donors can consider as they create a giving approach that makes sense for their financial situation:

  • Direct Support - Donors may make direct gifts to the Foundation to support endowed scholarships, capital projects, campus improvements, faculty  awards or the university endowment.
  • Bequests - A bequest is an act of giving through one’s estate. The will is the most popular manner for making gifts through one’s estate.
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust - The most popular and flexible type of life income plan is a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT). Cash, securities, real property, or other assets are transferred into the trust. The trustee manages the trust assets and pays the donor a variable income for life or for a term of years. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets in the trust are transferred to the beneficiary.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity - This trust pays a fixed percentage (at least 5 percent) of the initial value of the trust at least once a year. The payout is constant regardless of fluctuation in the value or trust earnings. In an annuity trust, if trust earnings are insufficient to make the required payments in any year, the difference is paid from trust principal.

Please look at our "Quick Guide to Giving Options" Chart for more information on how you can give to the Concord University Foundation, Inc. Giving Options.pdf