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Tim Oxley Named Director of Sponsored Programs at Concord College

Tim Oxley Named Director of Sponsored Programs at Concord College

Athens, W.Va. - Tim Oxley of Summersville has been named Director of Sponsored Programs at Concord College in Athens, W.Va., according to Vice President and Academic Dean, Dr. Dean W. Turner.

Oxley has a Bachelor of Science in Community Development and Regional Planning from Concord College, a Master of Science in Management from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education with area of emphasis in Higher Education Administration at Marshall University Graduate College.

Mr. Oxley is responsible for administering and directing the College’s grant programs including Student Support Services, McNair Scholars Program, Classic Upward Bound, Math and Science Upward Bound, as well as the JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) Program, and Concord Child Daycare Services.

As Director of Concord’s Sponsored Programs, Mr. Oxley will also serve as Executive Director of the Concord College Research and Development Corporation (CCR&DC) which was established in July of last year. The CCR&DC is a fiscal agent of the College which will allow greater flexibility in managing federal, state and private foundation grant funds and to facilitate utilization of grant funds in contracting for research support, creative activities, and public service activities, including personnel and fiscal affairs management. The CCR&DC is currently operating the Summer’s County Headstart Program located in Hinton, W.Va. in addition to three research programs.

The Board of the CCR&DC are faculty, staff, and administrators of the College, as appointed by the President of Concord College. The Research and Development Corporation will operate as a legal entity sanctioned by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit 501-(c) (3) foundation and authorized under Article 12, Section 18B of the West Virginia State Code [§18B-12-1].

"I am excited about the additional challenges to serve the college and the people of southern West Virginia," said  Oxley. "The numerous programs that I am involved with provide additional scholarships to students and services to people in this area. These organizations compliment the college’s mission to serve our area."

Oxley has been an instructor of undergraduate courses, working in the Appalachian Development Office, the Governor’s Office of Community and Industrial Development, and has served as Deputy Director and later Executive Director of the Region 4 Planning and Development Council. Prior to this position, Mr. Oxley served as Concord’s Director of the Center for Economic Action.

For more information on the programs listed, call 1-304-255-0793.


Concord College Notes: The College provides a wide variety of services to students through Student Support Services, McNair Program, Upward Bound, Math and Science Upward Bound, and many other programs.

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