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Concord Hosts Successful Fundraiser in Charleston

Concord Hosts Successful Fundraiser in Charleston

Athens, W.Va. - “This is a particularly good cause,” stated Dr. E. Linn Draper Jr., chairman, president and CEO for American Electric Power at the third annual Fund for Concord College Dinner held in Charleston, W.Va., Thursday, November 29, 2001.

Concord College is a four-year baccalaureate college in the southern part of the state with an alumni base of more than 12,000 nationwide, and student enrollment of 3,000.

Fundraiser planning committee Chair, David Barnette, an attorney with the Charleston, West Virginia, law firm Jackson & Kelly, and a Concord graduate, welcomed 400 guests to the fundraising dinner held at Embassy Suites.

Concord College President Jerry L. Beasley introduced Susana Duarte, a senior at the College who has an ambition of pursuing a degree in law.

“Concord has empowered me to look upon society with different, more sensitive eyes, stated Ms. Duarte, in her comments to the College’s supporters. “Professors like Dr. Chip Manzione and Dr. Jim White have carefully opened to me new ways of seeing problems like “structured oppression,” “economic alienation,” and “social injustice.” Each of which present barriers to individual and community growth. Yet, they didn’t stop there. Somehow, they tapped in me a deeply held yearning to try and make a positive difference in this world. Concord didn’t just help me to name the problems, but it also helped me to identify possible avenues of action.”

AEP retired board member Angus E. Peyton introduced Dr. Draper to the audience. “It is wonderful to be here tonight and celebrate all the things that Concord has done. Dr. Draper is not unfamiliar with the problems that small colleges have today, and he’s here to do what he can for Concord. Draper has been a strong and very decisive leader for AEP.”

“AEP is the second largest trader of electricity in the United States,” stated Dr. Draper. “We purchase 80 million tons of coal in the western hemisphere—which produces two-thirds of our electricity, and we are the third or fourth burner of natural gas and the second largest trader of electricity in the United States.”

Draper also discussed customer choice and environmental issues.

“California is having problems now because of poorly designed restructuring and a lot of bad luck. Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Ohio are adopting different patterns and they are working quite well. In the long run, customer choice is in the best interest of the consumer.

“The energy industry will be subjected to new rules to reduce oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, mercury and carbon dioxide. AEP will be dramatically affected by these rules. We believe you can have cleaner air and support legislation that supports reasonable reductions over reasonable timetables.”

Chuckling, Dr. Draper concluded by saying, “Can Concord Charlie predict the weather on Groundhog day? I have my doubts. But, I can predict that the Concord College Foundation will continue its great work!”


Photo: Keynote speaker Dr. E. Linn Draper

Concord College Notes: The Office of Development is responsible for fundraising, public relations, alumni relations, and marketing for the College. All West Virginia State Colleges have either Development or Advancement Offices that provide these types of services. The College’s endowment has grown from $125,000 to $15 million the past 12 years. Funds are used primarily for scholarships for students at Concord. More than 75% of the student population receives some sort of financial aid (scholarships and need-based federal financial aid); $9.7 million was awarded in the 98/99 school year and $12.2 million in 99/00, an increase of 26%.