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Wall Street Journal Ranks Concord Number 13

Wall Street Journal Ranks Concord Number 13

Athens, W. Va. – For the first time, reporters with the distinguished business daily—The Wall Street Journal—looked at “feeder” undergraduate schools that supplied some of the best universities in the nation with undergraduate students.

Concord College was number 13 in a nationwide ranking (according to their October 3, 2003 edition) of best undergraduate public colleges and universities for admission of alumni to the nation's most selective graduate schools.

“For years the focus in higher education has been about getting into the best possible college,” stated Elizabeth Bernstein, staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal. “Yet when it comes to professionals – the future doctors, lawyers and executives out there – it’s all about the right grad school. . . .

“To compile our list of the most effective feeder colleges, we researched the background of more than 5,000 students starting at more than a dozen top business, law and medical schools this fall, including names like Harvard Law and the Wharton MBA.”

Harvard, Yale and Princeton easily dominated the top of the list, the reporter stated, but many smaller colleges, like Concord, ended up on the list, too.

The researchers looked at 15 elite schools, five each from medicine, law and business, then rankings were adjusted for class size. Two lists were created, Concord ranked number 13 in the “Top 30 State Feeder Schools.”

Assistant Professor of Political Science, James A. “Jim” White stated: “I think our ranking demonstrates the ability of our small state college to provide students with a world-class liberal arts education. It demonstrates the results that can be produced at residential colleges with small class sizes which focus on reading and scholarship rather than mere vocational training.”

“Achieving rankings in a national publication is certainly laudable,” stated Tammy Monk, the college’s career services director. “Concord is proud of this achievement not only for our institution but for the State of West Virginia. Student’s acceptance into top graduate schools represents Concord’s commitment to a rigorous and demanding education.”