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CU Students Set Goal and Exceed Expectations

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CU Students Set Goal and Exceed Expectations

Athens, W.Va. – Students in Concord University's marriage and family class, held in Beckley, decided to get involved in a service project this semester that would directly impact working families.

Taught by Adjunct Instructor, Ms. Lori Pace, the class is one of many in the sociology department that prepares students for a career in social services.

Through Daniels Bible Church, the class learned about the Family Daycare program, on Ringleben Street in Beckley, operated by retired nurse, Mrs. Derothia James, who is more than 70 years of age. A small group from the church was painting, cleaning, repairing, and assisting Mrs. James and her helpers to care for more than 20 children. The students in Concord’s marriage and family class decided they, too, wanted to do something to support this woman's service to her community. They established a goal of filling five postal “hods” (rectangular plastic boxes about the size of a laundry basket), with individual snacks, juices and food appropriate for a daycare setting. The class had been told that during the holidays, Mrs. James would have many children needing care while the parents worked, sometimes at two or three jobs.

"This is incredible!" Instructor Pace said on November 28, when every single student brought a donation of a snack item with them to the evening class. With 100 percent participation, the 21students in the class did better than double their original goal. On the morning of November 29, the students delivered ten full hods of snacks and five cases of juices and drinks to Mrs. James. When Mrs. James saw the amount of donated snacks, she said, "You must be angels!"

"The students in Beckley understood the need and responded. Many of our students are parenting, working and struggling too. Mrs. James will be able to offer the children in her care individual, healthy, and fun snacks and drinks for quite a while." Pace added.

Students who helped, included the following: Kristen Bazzie, Beckley; Ashlea Bennet, Beckley; Tim Capehart, Beckley; Rosalee Copenhaver, Beaver; Lenekia Hicks, Beckley; Becky Hopkins, Beckley; Josh Kerbawy, Beckley; Cathy Lucas, Beaver; Richard Meadows, Beckley; Josh Milam, Glen Daniel; Lisa Reeves, Oak Hill; Liz Rice, Cool Ridge; Jeff Richards, Princeton; Lauren Rizzi, Beckley; Katie Robinson, Beckley; Sarah Schumacher, Princeton; Stephanie Simpson, Beckley; April Smith, Beaver; Nikki Sparacino, Daniels; Rusty Udy, Beckley; and Jeff Zutaut, Beckley.

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