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Book Publisher Incorporates Teaching Aid from CU Math Prof.

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Book Publisher Incorporates Teaching Aid from CU Math Prof.

Athens, W.Va. – Concord Mathematics Professor W.R. Winfrey has prepared a series of slide presentations that are now featured for instructor use with the book Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications. The book is written by Bernard Kolman and is published by Prentice-Hall.

Winfrey uses the same book to instruct his students. “A couple of years ago I decided to do the lectures on PowerPoint slides rather than copying my notes on the board like I'd done for many years,” he said. “During a conversation with our Prentice Hall representative, she mentioned that a new edition of the book was coming soon, and I mentioned that I had put together the slides for the earlier edition.”

Winfrey proposed to Prentice-Hall that he update slides to be compatible with the new edition of the book and then sell them as a resource. The slides, which total seven presentations in all, have proven advantageous to both instructors and students. The time professors spend writing on the classroom board decreases drastically, which leaves more time for explanation of important concepts. Instructors simply download the slide presentation from the Prentice-Hall web site and use the slides as a basis for lectures.

Students taking the course receive a paper copy of the slides and can follow along during the lectures. They enjoy less stress because they no longer need to concern themselves with copying all the theorems and examples exactly from the board.

Winfrey said he finished his project in May 2007 and that his presentations were posted online by the end of July for access by instructors. He does not yet know how many instructors are using his presentations.

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CONCORD NOTES: Corrie McKee a junior majoring in English with an emphasis in journalism wrote this news release. Her hometown is Nitro.