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Quick Named Director of Athletics for Mountain Lions

CONTACT: Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing

Quick Named Director of Athletics for Mountain Lions

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University “Mountain Lion” student-athletes now have a focused and visionary administration in athletics with the appointment of Mr. Greg Quick as director of athletics.

“A director of athletics typically coordinates and directs multiple functions and activities within a collegiate sports program,” stated Concord University President, Dr. Gregory F. Aloia. “We want to use Greg’s strengths to be proactive for the athletic program here at Concord. With this realignment in responsibilities, I want to affirm to all Mountain Lions that I am committed to a quality athletic program. Among Greg’s strengths are his personal and professional integrity, as well as his commitment to excellence. I think he will be very forward-thinking with a focus on improving each of our men’s and women’s programs, working toward goals that will complement, enrich and enhance the experiences of our student-athletes.”

In 2006, Quick, working with June O. Shott and other donors, significantly modernized Callaghan Stadium with the installation of artificial turf and field lighting. In 2007, Concord University student-athletes scored an academic success rate 12 percent higher than the national average for collegiate athletes.

Quick said: “This position will enable our athletic staff and me to encourage success in our student-athletes. Part of the challenge in transitioning from vision to reality is motivating our student-athletes to take ownership of their futures through the successful completion of an academic program of study along with a quality athletic experience that develops the self-esteem and confidence necessary to put that preparation into action.”

Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. John David Smith, said: “A strategic, targeted effort has been initiated to enhance athletics at Concord University. Concord’s commitment to this effort can be seen in the appointment of Greg Quick to this pivotal position. Quick shares President Aloia’s vision to develop athletics as a part of the total institutional efforts underway to fulfill Concord’s promise of distinction as a world-class institution. He will report directly to the President of the University in this effort.”

Concord is a NCAA Division II institution that offers 18 men’s and women’s athletic programs and belongs to the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

WVIAC Commissioner Barry Blizzard said: “Concord was the only institution compared to similar institutions that did not have a full-time director of athletics. This decision to appoint Quick as director of athletics is one that will improve the quality of all the athletic programs at Concord.”

Quick had been serving as both head football coach and athletic director at Concord since June 2004.

A national search will be conducted immediately to fill the now vacant head football coach position for the Mountain Lions.