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Concord University Students Honored In Mock Trial Competition

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ATHENS, W.Va. – Members of Concord University’s Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity’s National Pre-Law Conference and Mock Trial Competition were recognized at the organization’s annual conference and mock trial competition held recently in Washington, D.C.

Concord student Saul Harlow received the award for Outstanding Advocate of the national competition. This is the second time a Concord student has won the award for Outstanding Advocate. Additionally, Concord teams placed fourth and fifth in the mock trial competition.

Members of the fourth place team are Hunter Horton, Robert Hernandez, Carmen Ross and Logan Baker. Students on the team that placed fifth are Saul Harlow, Bobby Erickson, Patrick Erickson and Tyler Gordon.

“Each team competes against at least two other schools and we get competition from all over the country including schools like University of Florida, Florida International, Texas Tech, among others,” Harlow, who is president of Concord’s Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity, said.

“This year our case was a civil claim that parents brought against a popular and successful local rap artist named Skee Poll,” he explained. “During one of his concerts, the parents’ teenage son left his assigned seat and went into the floor seating area. Toward the end of the concert the crowd got wild and pushed towards the stage which led to the young man becoming asphyxiated and trampled on. The injuries he sustained later caused him to become brain dead at which point the parents pulled life support. So, the question for the jury was whether the rap artist’s lyrics were directed or intended toward the goal of producing imminent lawless conduct by the audience.

“Because it was a civil case, the plaintiff had the burden of proof showing by the preponderance of the evidence, or a 51 percent margin, that Skee Poll was negligent,” he said.

Concord teams have consistently fared well at the annual mock trial competition. A total of 14 Concord students attended the event this year.

“The conference provides valuable resources and information for students interested in going to law school,” Harlow said. “They also bring in practicing attorneys, law students, and deans of admission from various law schools to speak about everything from what admission committees look for in an application to the challenges and opportunities practicing as an attorney brings.”

Concord’s Pre-Law Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International was chartered March 31, 2001. In addition to the mock trial team/class, Concord’s Legal Studies and Pre-Law Program offers a variety of classes that assist the students in preparing for law school or other careers.



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