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ATHENS, W.Va.  – Concord University is offering a new program for students seeking careers in criminology.

The Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Sociology and an emphasis in Criminology, will provide students with a broad liberal arts education that encourages them to think critically about crime and justice issues and prepares them for careers or offers preparation for a graduate degree program.

“Criminology is an area of specialization within the discipline of sociology offering complex insights into the existence of crime as a social problem,” Dr. Tracy Luff, professor of sociology, said.

She goes on to explain what students enrolled in the program can expect.

“Students will learn the major theoretical perspectives and research methods used by criminologists and tackle such questions as: Why does crime exist? How do societies decide upon which behaviors to label ‘criminal’? How do we explain criminal behavior? What is the relationship between social inequality and crime? What social policies can reduce crime? What forms of punishment are most effective?”

“The sociology major with emphasis in criminology is a good choice for students who wish to pursue careers in criminal profiling, victim advocacy, the analysis of crime data and policy, corrections, or to pursue graduate study in criminology,” Luff said. “It is also a good background for students who plan to attend law school to pursue a career in criminal law or medical school to become a medical examiner or forensic medicine specialist.”

The emphasis will officially begin at Concord with the Fall 2017 semester, but Luff says that students interested in pursuing the degree can get a “head start” on coursework by enrolling in general sociology courses offered during the Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 sessions.

For additional information contact Dr. Tracy Luff at or 304-384-5242.





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